The Levels of Consciousness and Creation

Shortly after my day began in earnest yesterday, and the field being closed to my view, an inward pull started to happen and went deeper as the day progressed.  In truth, I am still there this morning.  Not at the outwardly conscious level, but so deep within that I cannot really tell you what I am processing, I just know I am.  Very much like seeing the surface of a still ocean and yet, way down deep, the waters are churning, knowable only to the ocean itself.  In this place, I retreat.  So please forgive any (outward) lack of communication (i.e. emails or phone calls.)  If this incoming information wasn’t so important to continue without delay, I would not be sharing this morning… but, I am doing all I can to come back up to the surface to share and then plunge back downwards to continue to churn.

There are two things happening simultaneously at this time.  Well, we can really say it has always been this way, but now, it is…. hmmmmmm…. different.

I really intended to start this sharing the way I intended to start the last three days of sharing, with something from the audio book I was relistening to when mowing my grass.  But, that is going to have to wait until later in this blog (and dammit, I will get to it today!…no I didn’t, tomorrow for sure, dammit!! lol)

Something was posted on my facebook that I read this morning that we really need to look at and understand.  Part of her comment was:  “And yet we are ALL Weavers in this Web of Creation.”  True!!  But not all for the same reason at the same level of experience.

I made this handy dandy diagram to help with the understanding:


We all start at the ground level of the circle/cycle.  We come into this life and become programmed according to our parents beliefs, peers, religious components (or lack there of) and start to create, live our life based on that.  Indeed, we are the weavers of our own personal life.  One intimate house within many millions on earth.  Unique unto you, unto each other.  How you weave your life, has close to no effect on my own, personally speaking.

As we start to question and seek outside the original dynamic, players in our life changes, we start connecting and weaving from higher threads of understanding.  This house is a bit higher than the original one you were born into and larger because you started seeker beyond the base.  In truth, you moved and started creating new fabric for your personal web of life that reaches further upwards and outwards.  Your life is now having a profound effect at the circle below you, but very little on the circle above you.

In this way, you help to pull others up and then there are others in the circle above that you will one day seek out, whether it is in physical life or in meditation.  As you change in frequency, your guides change too, so will the players in your life.  What you do, think and say always affects the energetic house below you, even if you are at the green level, living at the heart center of creation assisting all that come near you, there is truly a trickle down effect thru all of creation.  However, those still working thru the density, have little effect on those who have already worked thru that, save the reminders others present to use as examples of clarity.

This way we are always reaching upwards, or giving someone a hand up!  We live in that circle of understanding until we are ready to move up again.

So in my lady’s comment, who just so happened to be the Dream Weaver (very different than the personal weavers) in my sharing yesterday, she correct.  But, there are very few dream weavers awakened and fully active in their awakened state of creation.  The Dream Weaver would be God/Source.  THAT Dream.  Weaving THAT reality into Being.  Not the personal one, but the multi-planetary wide One.

For the last two years of readings in the Jemez, spirit started to talk about our new world, earth and all of us building this new way (original way) of living as if they were talking about a factory.  Actually, they used the word factory repeatedly.  Learning to work in harmony with your section, your skill set, on earth, with others.  I am going to lean in on my mother and first step father’s experience when I was a child in this analogy.  They both worked in shoe factories and I must smile ongoing at the name of the factory “Heavenly Shoes.”

So lets say we are now building a shoe factory for All of Life to participate in.  That circle has not yet been depicted in the diagram above, because we are barely coming together inside ourselves, so the circle is still forming…. the hiring process is underway.

There must be those that can build the energetic structure that will hold the workers inside.  This would be the Dream Weavers.  And then there are the pattern makers, so that the sections of the building know what is being housed where and why, in relationship to the whole building.  There are cutters, gluers, trimmers, sewers and so on.  Each and every part, as important as the other.  Take even one area away, it all collapses.

My lady is a Dream Weaver, right now, I am a pattern maker (of sorts.)  I take in your threads of wisdom everyday and look for the patterns and send them outwards to the Dream Weavers, energetically and verbally.

The Dream Weavers and the Pattern Makers must work intimately together otherwise, the dream has no thread to create with or the thread has no loom to be placed upon.

To be in this position takes a lot of Self Trust, enormous Self Will and application. and the willingness to change and change and change again.  Otherwise the building and the bricks never change into higher structures, but become more of the same.

I have got to giggle as I am reminded of all the businesses I put together, not one was like the other.  But the names… it’s the names that I can see my own personal evolution and every one of them were for the greater all.  My first one when I was 24 was called “The Valleys Helping Hands” (a gift certificate book of local services and meals.)  Then “The Rainbows End Lottery Club” (pooling everyone’s money/energy to win lotteries, funny the only jackpot we won was called the FL Fantasy 5.) Then “The Buyer’s Market” (a tabloid size newspaper filled with nothing but ads.)  Then “Dreams Come True Dating Service.”  Then, turning online after my awakening “Spiritual Healing – Gods Way, which morphed into The Wonder of You, which morphed again to My Soul Center, there was a little stint of a separate website called The Soul Gym and now, after 14 years and 4 months of changing and creating that, it ends/closes on July 22nd as the Nation of Lights is my grand finale of…. my creations and I know… without knowing how, it is the culmination of my whole life experience that is now alive, barely, but alive lol.

If you really take a deep, long, honest look at your past, getting to Here, you can clearly see your position in what is unfolding thru all the universes, but most especially, on earth.  For those who work in positions that need many things set up first, thinking of my mother doing piece work, she finished shoes and if someone didn’t show up to do their job, she could not do hers.  This is interdependence of the whole doing their part.  With that understanding in mind, your time may not be yet and there is a restlessness within.  For some, that turns into a depression as well.  Right time, right place and really really KNOWING THYSELF (without anyone expected to know you) is crucial and stepped up 1000 fold in this fast past, ever-changing game of life.

If your work is interdependent on everything being fully operational and in place, but yet that place is just being built, like my mother, she could not start her job until every other thing was not only in place, but running efficiently.

And if what you are looking for is job/placement security (that is a whole other, deeper lesson to delve deeply into and release) then make sure you look something that is already running efficiently.  Because most start-ups (new creations) will fall before they even appear to begin (The Wonder of YOU comes to mind instantly.)  Mostly due to the energy entanglements, and lack of motivation for those involved at the beginning.

These talks you and I are having (smile) really help me with the clarity of what I got myself into next.  I would have never seen myself as a pattern maker, until this morning.  The Nation was the grand finale weave of my mother.  Her love field gave birth to all we are about to do, together.  My ability to see You, your energy, your skills, where you need to focus (from your team thru my crazy eyes and mind) allows the patterns to be recognized, worked on and start (eventually) weaving together with others, first of like patterns (again, at the ground level) and then interlinking the unique patterns into a larger working whole.

As I finish the above sentence and hear what I am about to share, I am first pulled into the rising light of this day.  I rarely experience a sunrise energy due to the trees and location of where I am, but this morning… very very different.  It makes my heart skip beats and I know, even tho I am questioning what I am about to share, it is spirit flooding us all… with validation.  The pink and violet, the true Passion of the Christ!!


There is something I have not said in relationship to The Nation, on purpose, from my own past experience of well, experiences.  But now, I am being prompted to share all this and even something new that I cannot even imagine thinking about or planning  for (I am still trying to breathe thru the opening lol.

The Nation of Lights, WE are the Nation, You are the Light(s) a true Christed Community in all ways possible.  As we get out of the red and into the black there will be a savings account set up for those who wish to participate at the ground level but cannot afford it, it will be provided to those who are consistently active and striving higher.  One of the greatest parts of life that take our focus off of inward expansion is trying to hold our overhead, over head.  The savings that will one grow, will be there to offset those distractions because We, as a Nation, can cover it. (Lottery club energy here)

This startleing information makes me rest easy that spirit knows a million more bits of information than I can hope to with this gig.  I will present it as I heard it…

Supporting any new startup is the biggest challenge for most people.  Especially when they walk in and there are only one or two items on the shelf (Wonder of You energy here.)  But as contents grow and become richer and more in-depth for any new comer, the value must increase.  There will be quarterly price increases, small, but steady.  However, not for those who already are members.  So if you join at $48 a month, for as long as you are a consistent member, it will always be $48.  The next increase will be at $59 per month (that will be in Oct and it is a purposeful $11 increase.  We will cap out, (as of today’s understanding,) at $99 a month, sometime later next year.

On that note, I a bath!!  I am so grateful today is a day off.  I go to get my new teeth relined this morning (I cannot wait for October when my implants go live!! lol) and how fitting, as my head feels like it just go relined.  I am worried about breaking even and spirit is talking about price increases.  Just shit batman!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with the Christ Light to and thru You!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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