Living within 3D, Being 5D…

Did you ever think to wake and bless some energies that have, for the most part, been unblessed and bastardized?  Loving the energy of anger, of fear, of living on this amazing plane of 3rd dimensional reality.  Loving the fact we come preprogrammed with this amazing mental plane asset called the ego?

We purposely came to a plane of polar opposites, not to try to hurry and get back Home, that is just avoidance.  We came to become empowered by it all, to refine what does not exist for us in spirit.  To pick up all these tools, that to our very souls, is foreign, if not harsh and bizarre.

This planet has been called the third rock from the sun (loved that show!! lol)  What if, our jobs have always been to take this rock, which is purposely heavy and dense and turn it into a trampoline, using nothing but your spiritual wisdom and physical abilities to do so.

Earth will always be a 3rd dimensional plane, filled with gravity, polarity, light and dark, hot and cold, winter and summer.  These are her assets, OUR assets.  Not things to remove but make use of!!  They all are weighty, until we give them buoyancy.

Our jobs, incarnation after incarnation, is to perfect ourselves from being crushed under the weight of this plane, to being able to soar with all the elements and materials of this plane. It must take place in the inner plains of our Being first and foremost.  If we cannot understand how to utilize ourselves in this amazing plane of existence, we sure as hell won’t be able to understand ourselves as a group soul (not soul group.)

Transforming into a 5th dimensional plane is a personal thing, a person to person thing.

I cannot help but think back to my Pleiadian friends who taught me so much my first few years on this path.  The Pleiades are the most recent planet in full relationship with us to have completely achieved the ascension process system wide.  Their forms (body’s) and planets are not unlike ours here on earth.  They understand our process needs better than most out there in the stars.

I will never ever forget the one and only time I asked them to show me their planet.  They took me to a place (in meditation of course) that was so dark, so barren and dry and had one single tree on it that appeared dead.  I assumed many things in my early years and never thought to question much at all.  I was truly shocked by what I seen, felt and thought was somewhere in the Pleiades.  Never realizing for a moment that what they showed me was the planet of Lisa.  My personal plane of existence as I was living it in 2000-2001.  I truly didn’t understand that until this morning.  Like I have said so often, I can be so slow on the uptake.

Fast forward to that tree that grew over time in the backyard of the Mesa, (In New Mexico)  I think it was in 2012 when it started emerging right in the center of the reading field. The light and the light seeds that grew… breathtaking.  Again, until this morning, I never realized it was the same tree as my Pleiadian family took me to in early 2001.   Well, not so much the same tree, but the same energy field.  A reflection of my life and my inner and outer works.

12 years in the process.  Hearing my star family, time and time again… Lisa, you’re judging, Lisa your conditioning your love, Lisa not that way.  Full scale inner responsibility for every thought, action and deed put out in my personal life.  Not once did I get a free pass and they say… well… it’s their fault or the situations fault.  Nope.  It always came back to me, dammit.

By this time in my early years, I already declared to the universe I want to live in service like Jesus did and be like my two guides Jill in Ramus in all I do.  I was not just mouthing the words, it was a core desire because those three Beings in my meditations were so filled with love, guidance and redirection at every turn.

In order to be like that, we all have to dump our shit.  Recognize our shit, own it and not give excuses as to why we are choosing to act or live like that (whatever that is) and then most importantly of all… start the energy of changing it, transmuting it, stripping down the personality to bare walls.

And then dump again.

Then again.

Then some more.

At the same time, allowing ourselves (as the blessed mother put it to me) to be filled with the truth of spirit.  Not the perception others have of spirit, but deep inside our individual wells, to be filled with truth and action of truth.  Nothing less will do.

If we think for a single moment, just by virtue of understanding we move into the next level of frequency and experience within this plane, we are deluding ourselves.  This is a realm filled with plenty of delusions.  This too, is the ego’s amazing ability when it fears change is required, it creates mental scenarios why you are right and anything else is wrong.  I think my strength, which was not taken as a gift then, I heard spirit, mostly Franklyn, my Pleiadian father, at every turn.  Loving but stern, and not letting me slip by simply because it would be easier for me.  There were many times I would just scream out shut the f**k up, which worked until I took a bath.  lol Then I would get the long and short of it all.  And do my best to apply and reapply and reapply again.  Damn habitual programming is pesky!!

If we are applying and then reapplying, we all do eventually get to a place where our energy fields are what we think of as 5th dimensional radiations.  The Christ energy incarnate, living.  Each footprint on the ground, is going to change the next person, persons who step on that very spot.  If you step on that spot repeatedly, it forever holds the vibration of 5th dimensional energy.  It is not always active, but is always present.

Fast forward to my Now.  God old Fentress Texas.  Who would have thought there could be such a powerful 5th dimensional energy field anywhere in Texas (sorry texans, I know I came in with preconceptions.  I promise you, I am still very much a work in progress.)

My landlord, he is truly the reason.  The moment I met him, my entire energy system just sprung open and sucked him in, with deLight.  He truly is a task master, holding himself, purposely in the background, doing, creating, loving.  I am sure, this is why he sees more in me than I can possibly see in myself, to rent me two properties and knowing why.

The house that is the Center, I really anticipated having to do in there after the man and his two teenage sons moved out and clear the energy fields.  Nope.  Not even a little bit.  I walked in after all the cleaning and fixing was done and I could feel the presence of the Presence ready to Live, to Love with us.

In contrast to that, there are many people that we come in contact with and we can feel our energy fields contract.  Our natural way of filtering energy’s still in deep lesson.  This contraction allows us to take nothing personally.  If we leave it wide open, other people’s issues embed in us and become ours too.

As we become so intimately family with our own personal bodies and energy fields, this opening and contracting is as second nature as breathing is to us.  Getting to that point, takes full on consciousness and understanding.

Allow energies that are still in full on lessons of mastering duality, closes down (not removes) the 5th dimensional field.  I instantly think (and now understand) my beloved Julie, whom I will be trekking thru Scotland with, she just came back from doing energy work, closing down an old system via some labyrinth and opening a new one that meets what many people think of as the 5th dimensional energies.  A true portal at the center, to flood this earth with.  What I love about her most, is she had no idea what she was going there to do, how or why.  That is mastery in body.

These purification fires, phew baby baby.  The clarity is become amazing.  Not easy to see, not easy to wipe away the embers falling from the flames, but amazing nonetheless.

I was at the dentist yesterday getting my new teeth relined and scrolling thru facebook as I waited for the goo to set and I came across this meme.  Since it has everything to do with the mouth, it was so fitting for my moment and especially all the things I share almost every day.

Then I look at one of the most amazing people in duality that loves to tear just about anything I say down, so she can build herself up.  Keira.  It is clear she has little understanding of what I say thru my sharings, and that is fine with me.  I am not here to make anyone understand things I am still working to understand.  But I do recognize where she is at and how stuck there she is.  Many people over the years asked me to block her from this blog or at least address her.  Not my gig.  I find her to be the most amazing display of ego, of false light that is here for all of us to recognize within our own potential of lessons.  We all need the night… at least for now, to recognize our own light our own truth or even, bend towards the night.  The Yin and the Yang.

But this is a community sharing place for all to speak and share, my facebook on the other hand, that is my community of Light, of friends and bash me there I will not be ignoring but challenging.  She left my facebook.

No one should ever feel the need to pander to someone else’s chaos, their inner issues that they hold near and dear to their heart.  They choose to keep that block in place and our job is not to become exhausted trying to clear it.  Let go, move on, re-lease.  In this case, I ignore because there is nowhere to go but down. 

Everyone is going thru the fires of purification.  Look around at your life field, remove that which is draining your energy and move on.  Yes, some may try to guilt or shame you into their space, but that is theirs to deal with, not yours.  Take no prisoners.

What I find stunning is looking thru my blog (thru the search bar) trying to find the information I know I detailed in-depth about the tree of life that started growing in the backyard of the Mesa, I am amazed at how many blogs I shared in 2012 with this similar information thru it.  We have had 5 years to clear our decks, clear our minds.  We are at the end of that cycle.  Prune or be pruned.

Ahhhh one of these days, I will get to the dolores cannon stuff I want to share.  But I doubt it will be before these fires are done.  There is wayyyyy too much being presented in purification underway.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of passionate fires purifying the way thru You!!

Lisa Gawlas

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