Lunar Eclipse and Lions Gate, a 2 Part System of No Return!!

Happy Independence day to everyone.  Ok so the big hoopla in the USA is nothing but pure illusion, but a very pretty one every year, at night, on July 4th.  That said, keep Independance as your inner and outer theme for this whole month of July.  No the illusion, not the expectation of what it means in the mental mind, but full on Independance thru your soul.  Because, the soul needs your independence to get work done!!  It is really no different when you look at the city, state, country you live in and all the rules and expectations, the laws set down by men, to have you do their will.  Our ego has been the same, it is the governing body of your Life experience… until you declare and work towards Independance of it All.

We are all at the final crossroads of choice!!

Thru all the readings yesterday, the same or similar information was presented and I really want to go into detail, well as much as I understand in detail, here today.

The entire planet is taking a sharp right turn in life, which has already started with the entrance of July’s energy system.  The way I see and understand it, so much energy is being released into the ground level that is raising even the densest collectives higher in frequency.   To my eyes, the ascent goes to about 10-15 feet by the 8/8 Lion’s gate in August, which is freakin HUGE for a planetary event!!

Every tree, but, plant, human and so on will be affected by it.  Of course, anything without an ego or is led by an ego, will assimilate it all with grace and ease.  Humans and (I had no idea about this until this morning) human’s pets that take on the personality of the human) will have the most challenge because they have the most transformation (if allowed) coming thru it.

If we look at this light influx as a new outfit, if you have been allowing room in your life, in your body for full on expansion and release of old energies, old personality constructs, there is plenty of room for this light.   If not, it is going to be like trying to fit a toddlers 2T outfit into the human body (at the densest level of human expression) and it is happening from the inside out.  The physical body and mental plane of a human would be inadequately prepared for such a high vibrational energy and the body will break down to reflect where expansion is needed and it will not be shy about taking the outer plane with it (what we consider mundane aspects of our lives.)

We are truly in the final boarding call.  Those who choose to stay in a lower vibration will be able to fully live out their life plan as originally incarnated with, but not allowed reentry into the earth plane in future incarnations.  Many other dualistic planes have been prepared and readied to host the evolution of the soul in body there.  Earth is heading into retirement, into her golden years.  She has been since the end of 2012 and we are in that amazing moment where she and all of life is asking… want to stay here and assist and play in her glory???  It is ok to say no, again, other planes are ready to keep up with your soul evolution.  I say that with the likes of Cheney, the Bushes, Trump and such in mind, the ones who are clueless that a spiritual revolution is underway and will never stir a heartbeat to care.

But those of us who know… ignorance is not bliss.  Much is expected, demanded in our personal responsibility to Be the Living Light to assist others to make higher choices.  To be the seeders and tenders of this amazing Garden that one day, the full Presence of God will be able to play upon.

So as I see this light field going higher, it stops at the partial lunar eclipse on August 7th.

We all enter the point of no return thru this double-sided event.  Look at that moon, the depths of the emotion hidden, one can say this is who you truly are.  This is what will be released outwards as we move thru the Lions Gate of the 8/8.  Choice points closed, solidified and being set up as the rest of your current incarnate life. A spotlight remains as we cross over to the 8/8.

So much of this understanding came thru my first reading yesterday.  It was truly an amazing understanding and series of visuals.  Her reading took her all the way to the golden gate of the 8/8 and it truly was a golden gate, no higher than her chest, and when she went thru it the only energy I could see is what was being emitted thru her.  It was as if something cut her from neck to pelvis and created a 2 inch wide opening and this crystalline light was sparking out of her about a foot long from top to bottom.  It was stunning to behold.  But that is all we got, in front of her, it felt like vacuum happened.  Nothing.  No energy, no visuals, no anything.  Believe it or not, coming out there, in that vacuum is the best we can possibly hope for in this event.  I cannot tell you why, only that I hear exactly that.

Her reading opened up with this steady flow of liquid crystalline drops as if she was standing directly under a gentle shower head.  As I looked closer at these steady falling droplets, they transformed into an 8 pointed formation.  I called them a star, but they weren’t really a star at all.  When it comes to geometry, I know circles and squares and the simple things.  lol  Thank god she was able to understand what I was trying to explain to her.  Her team did say that the 8 points being shown had everything to do with the 8/8 Lions gate.  Inside each crystal clear tetrahedron was a nucleus that looked like an atomic energy symbol in motion.  I am just going to share the email she sent me afterwards, after doing her own research on it all and ohhhhh did I get excited!!:

“You saw star shaped (tetrahedron or merkaba) crystals being poured upon me and the nuclear reactions of the energies coming through me through the Lion’s gate. I took to doing some research on nuclear fusion. It’s a reaction in which 2 or more atomic nuclei come close enough to form 1 or more different nuclei or subatomic particles. The difference in mass between product and reactant is manifested as a release of large amounts of energy. This is a process used in stars to produce energy. (Wikipedia)

I also took to researching tetrahedrons and found amazing info. I went to A regular tetrahedron which is a pyramid shape represents the element of fire. If you scroll down to the star tetrahedron on that page it explains the meaning. Then there’s an explanation of the first cells of life. Amazing!

It explains when a fertilized egg divides it always doubles its number of cells, 1,2,4,8,16 etc. The first 4 cells form a tetrahedron. The next division, 8 cells, forms a star tetrahedron called the “egg of life”. Every single life on Earth passes through the egg of life stage. These cells become the precise geometric center of the body located just above the perineum. It is the energetic opening to the tube that runs up to the crown.

The star tetrahedron represents the blending of heaven and Earth, masculine and feminine. This makes so much sense that this would be located in the area where conception\birth happens and the beginning of our kundalini energy. And so perfect that you were shown this shape for the creating I will be doing energetically and physically. Also makes sense even more how orgasm can be used for manifesting. So many puzzle pieces coming together!”  (just for the record, I made some things bold for emphasis.)

In my own personal body, mind really, my head felt like the most intoxicating volcano erupting with such clarity of what I am getting myself into next (especially with the Nation) and why and what to do.  I haven’t had this sort of clarity of understanding since I left New Mexico!!

I got so excited and even understanding the power and output of a volcano I had to release it as a comment on facebook.  Every time I tried to update my status facebook wanted to do it as a life event.  I even closed out my facebook and opened it back up, still insisting on creating a life event!!

So I emailed it to myself and posted it from my phone:

“I have decided that an erupting volcano is mother earth having an orgasm. The clarity in its release is hot, steamy and life changing!!   Unless of course, you’re in the path of the lava and don’t move out of the way. Actually, that is even life changing but we call it death.”

Let me actually expand the last two sentences.  I instantly remembered a meditation I had done wayyyy back in 2001 while I was living in the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter.  I went into do an earth meditation and the next thing I know I could see a volcano erupting behind me and the lava flowing down the street and I never moved (hey it was meditation, harmless… right??) and the lava flowed between my legs and around my feet about ankle-deep.  I had no idea what the hell that meant, at all… until yesterday!!

When I got out of the tub (it actually started to hurt in my body being in that lava flow) my right foot had 1st and 2nd degree burns from ankle to the sole.  My left foot completely unaffected.  I also found out later that day that a volcano erupted in the congo during that same time period.

I had no idea how to interpret much of anything in my first years of meditation.  I had no idea why I had a very real experience (and was the last time I connected directly to the earth for years lol)

Right foot, emotional/spiritual path of life.  Dead!!  I was already in the homeless shelter so I had nothing left to lose, but those burns served to peel away the superficial layer of my emotional life so that new skin can form.

I no sooner posted that thought did someone chime in and say the sun is currently undergoing a M class solar flare!!  Well, just holy shit, it really is a life event and did not realize how much that flare would affect my life thru the day lol.  (I’ll get to that in a minute)

This morning I opened up space weather and they had  a picture of the event on their page.  From yesterdays page it said: M-CLASS SOLAR FLARE: Unexpectedly breaking weeks of quiet, the sun erupted on July 3rd at 1615 UT, producing an M1-class solar flare. The blast site is on the sun’s western limb, so our view of it is severely foreshortened.

The first thing I noticed or maybe it just hit me in the face, was that light filament looks a lot like the Leo symbol and an X marks the spot!!  And let me send you a quote the way I am hearing it in my head right now:  “August will ABSOLUTELY TAKE NO PRISONERS!!”

Now, lets equally be clear on that unprecedented phrase repeating itself this last week:

take no prisoners

phrase of prisoner

  1. 1.

    be ruthlessly aggressive or uncompromising in the pursuit of one’s objectives.

When we think about spirit, we tend to think sunshine and bliss, all the good in the world (from our perception of good) is spirit, it’s gotta be humans creating the bad.  Tornados, hurricanes, fires… all freakin spirit!!!

Earth is now in her fully worked for Golden Years (ummm millennia’s) and and forget the phrase shit or get off the pot, the pot will just be taken away.  Done.  Be constipated since that is what you desired (“you,” being no one in particular here.)

That innocent looking solar flare kicked in deep into the tired zone.  By 3-4pm it was all I could do to keep my eyes open.  My body and brain were systematically shutting down.  I could feel the energies thru both forearms, especially my right one and the weakness in my hands… ugh.  Reach for life and the support needed (forearms) to get it done.

I went to be super early and left my phone/clock out on the couch so when I awoke I had no idea what time it was.  When I went potty I swear the clock in the bathroom said 4am, so I decided to get up, start the coffee until I noticed it was 1:30am!!  How the hell did I see that so wrong??  I shuffled back to bed but my mind was hell-bent on staying awake so I skirted sleep.  I pray it does not catch up to me until after my day is done today.

We have a tendency to look at our big picture, what we desire, what we are attempting to create in our lives… how often are we looking at the small details in our personality construct or what is being shown to you thru the day?

I am seeing a lot of postings about animal totems (to include birds and insects and things) and always I am seeing the positive side of the totem.  When I was coming up in this journey, my team made sure I looked at the underbelly or the dark side of any totem, because I was truly going thru a personality reconstruction and I had to know what to look out for in my presentation in order to change it to the positive.  My go to sight back then no longer exists and it’s not so easy to find sites that will explain the negative side of any totem in detail… but I did find this one this morning and about shit when I seen a bunny on her list in conclusion.  The Center comes with a resident rabbit.  The previous tenant asked me if I would care for it, of course I said yes.  Let’s look at the bunny:

BUNNIES: Why on Earth, you ask, would I include this animal in the list? Bunnies have come to symbolize a very humorous and important message in the modern occult community – be substantial! Have more bravery and toughness in yourself and your spirituality, else you be easily frightened and more easily squished.Nonetheless, I have heard tales of a mad rabbit with vicious fangs that preys upon those who mistake it’s soft and adorable surface, and this reminds us not to underestimate the contributions or strength of both the New Age movement as a whole and of neophytes in particular.

“Bunnies aren’t just cute like everybody supposes,
They’ve got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses.
And what’s with all the carrots?
What do they need such good eyesight for anyway?
Bunnies, bunnies it must be bunnies!

…or maybe midgets.”

This all reminds of me the coming equinox workshop “Into the Void.”  lol

On that note… Celebrate your Independence from the illusion of Life.  Be Substantial in All you do and more than anything… have freakin FUN!!  I love you soul much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of well, everything and no-thing!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I just found the picture to use as the main art, a true Lions Gate in Southern Greece.  I have been seeing the energies at the equinox, big heavy cement looking doorways that close directly behind you once you enter.  This image really reminds me of what I have been seeing.  I just needed to add this in.  Love you!! <3

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