The Great Shakeout – Take No Prisoners!!

Imagine my shock when I sat down to read for my first lady and there she is, tied at the ankles, hung upside down, her head bobbing about 2 feet above earth and going thru a spirit shake down or shake out really.  All this, behind a great big red X.  Usually, actually for 15 years now, when spirit shows a red X it means no reading the person’s field, they are undergoing construction of some sort.  Until yesterday, we never got to really see what that construction was.  We not only got to see it, but really understand it.

As spirit was shaking my lady like a salt shaker, things were falling from her pockets, her hair.  Things that had no visible identification to them but obviously things being held onto that must go.

Things like… patience and tolerance!!  Can you imagine hearing that.  I about fell out of my chair.  For as long as I can remember, spirit has been preaching patience and tolerance and now, suddenly, its anti that???

Fortunately I have enough parallels running in my own life too fully understand that we have all stepped up the game.  Patience and tolerance cost me two full months of revenue.  It not only cost me two months of revenue it has just about doubled my output for my new website.  My personal story is just a tiny reason spirit is demanding we hold people to the fires of what they say they will or will not do.  Strengthen our boundaries, accept nothing less than what is needed or desired.

Thru the entire days readings, it was stated over and over again that the events on earth are about to burst open and happen quickly and those at the front gates need to be prepared and diligent in their assistance.  Allow no one to delay or deter your mission.

Of course we can take that sentence in and out of context… if your mission is getting a new job, a new place to live, setting up a new business, embarking on a new relationship, whatever it is, do it diligently, impatiently and (it sounds so foreign to even think this) intolerably!!

I am going to jump to my last reading cuz it ties in so well.  My lady had an exercise to do from our last reading.  The key point of her exercise was creating a box to place her fears in before she entered meditation.  The moment spirit gave her this exercise, my phone oddly started calling someone, when I looked to see who, it was my webmaster.  Now the phone was still to my ear as I was talking to her and my hands in the same place, I could not have auto dialed him, but the message was loud and clear.  I have got to lay down my own fears with all the changes and delays with this new venture and trust the plan unfolding.

Yesterday, she said as she started doing this fear box thing before every meditation, suddenly and surprisingly one of the times she went into meditation, she didn’t even have to put her fears in the box, they started jumping in all by themselves.  Just jumping out of her and hopping in the box, covering themselves up so she could meditate, occasionally she could see their eyes peeking out from under the lid.  She said she never realized that fear could be so funny, so playful and funny.  These light bulbs went on in me as she was telling me of her experiences and how incredibly important it was to share her amazing experience with her fears.

We are in a land of duality, that is not going to change, ever.  Everything in this creation is half dark or heavy and half light, including our fears.  When they are exposed to the light, and we really look at them, they are funny little things that only create havoc when we keep them in the dark.  They pound on us, pressure us, sit on top of us… to notice them.  See them in the light of life and let them play and dance, harmlessly!!

Now let’s get back to the great shakeout!!  The one thing I understood thru my upside down, bound at the ankles lady, nothing, not a single thing is going to be released into our field of life until we release any and all dysfunction promptly.  Whether it be fears we can eventually laugh at or even, expectations that can get our goat.  My lady was talking about her husband and son not feeling grateful for all the work she has done and continues to do.  This is a huge thing and something that has just echoed thru my own house as we continue in the chaos of new relationships.  Any expectation of any kind, leads to disappointment, each and every time.  It has to be that way, because one of our greatest goals is to get out of expectation.  To do (anything) because you can and the only gratitude that is needed is self gratitude that you can.  Period.  That will fill you more than any external gratitude ever can and keep you going in a way that only Self gratitude can do!!

I want to talk about one more lady from yesterday before I have to go and start my day.  Two airplanes were flying into her center, I could not see her body, only the core of light that she is.  These two planes, on at her right side, one at her left, were coming in with the nose downwards and the tail upwards.  Two higher planes of existence coming in to merge into her core for expression.  She is in a choice point right now, they can either crash into her and distribute the energy she WILL share outwards (after the equinox, if I am understanding it correctly) or assimilate the oncoming energies consciously and with purpose.  Obviously one will have an outward expression of understanding different from the other.  Think about a plane crashing and debris scattering all over your life field for understanding or a conscious integration of the two and you set the pace of expression.  Either way, it will happen, the choice comes down to how  it will be distributed, understood and most importantly, applied!!

There is so much more from yesterday, but I was up half the night and woke up much later than usual.

Remember this is the time to “Take No Prisoners!!!!”

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) of gratitude and deLight to and thru All!!!

 Lisa Gawlas

P. S. I forgot to add this tid bit of important information into the body of this sharing…  This intensity started mid june and will continue thru a power node on the 23rd of July then we gear up for the sealing fires of the August eclipses. By the equinox in sept, all doors shut and ones you have set in motion… open.  We are currently choosing how we will experience this new era of Light on Gaia and no living thing is left untouched by it all!!

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