The Street Sweepers Employed as we Enter Earth’s Glory Years!!

I knew, walking into the house that is The Nation of Lights Retreat Center, the energy was high, I could feel it on entry.  I could feel it sitting on the back porch.  The kind of high energy that makes you want to draw your breath in deeper, longer, fuller.  The day I took all the love filled personal paintings you sent to me and just displayed them in the rooms, and strung the crystals I dug and those that were gifted to the center outside and inside the house, the energy changed, increased, got so fully excited, it knocked me over, in a good but unexpected way.

I fully realized that the Presence that occupies the house, the yard Knows You.  Knows the love that was painted in each stroke of the brush, each push of the pen, and expanded thru it all.

It does almost seem ridiculous to say that, of Course God knows you, you are god, god is you.  But this was something even more telling, much more revealing.  The energy I felt, still feel, is like… hmmmm hard to put into words, but in the pureness of love all the art was created within, your works have given the Presence of Life (what I call, God) skin, but not skin.  A material energy… legs to walk upon!!  Your love lives eternal thru your works.  Granted, this revelation came thru paintings and prints, but this is with everything done in the service of unconditional love.  EVERY THING!!!!

I decided in that stunning, accelerated feeling and revelation, that no store-bought anything will hang on those walls ever.  Only true heart creations will live there.

Yesterday I decided to do the readings from the new Center.  The furniture was being delivered yesterday, I had videos I wanted to get done (but didn’t) and the website was supposed to launch yesterday, and would have had we realized hostgator takes up to 72 hours to release the url from its site to its new site (why??????) so I thought doing the readings there yesterday, was fitting.

I have decided there is a major theme running thru the Nation of Lights and that is called Delay.  It has become to overall to ignore.  I had four readings on the books, 2 showed up, 2 were MIA (which I am now grateful for.)  The website did not get launched (no fault of my webmaster’s) and the furniture guys only got the beds put together, they will be back today to put all the other furniture together.  Of course all this delay stuff started with my original webmaster and continued to play out with my beautiful lady who arrived to help me that never got started and that too, created delays.

Let me tell ya tho, I would rather have all the delays happening before then after.  Most of my previous businesses fell apart because of what is happening here at the beginning, the kinks and disharmony that can happen.  But there is something more happening with these delays, something good, needed and bigger than I can even wrap my consciousness around.

The readings yesterday were tough.  The Center is only two houses and one field up the road from where I live and do my readings now, but the energy, holy freakin shit!!  I had to find my own inner step-ladder to be able to reach the frequency of the readings and hold them.  Both of them started out so faint to my vision and the energy just running thru me like freight train and stretching every molecule that occupies my body.

I realized this morning, thru the readings prior to yesterday, when the sudden right turn that created an elevation about 10-15 higher, was pointing towards the yard of the Center.

With my first lady, god bless her for putting up with me and I didn’t even count her reading as a reading, she did us all a solid!!  When I finally cleared my vision up she was in what looked like a large circular shower curtain.  The circular rod was a blend of gold and bronze, ancient and new blended together.  She was a silhouette made of light thru the curtain and her team was clear to tell me, this is not a shower curtain but a changing room.  Her DNA, her body, her mind and full-scale matrix, is changing.  All that is her is being readied to enter the “Glory Years” of earth.  I loved that feeling too, when her team said Glory Years, it had that similar feeling of hearing/feeling the words “the Garden.”

She had asked about what she needs to remove, release and stuff, the reply stunned me.  I got a visual of several street sweepers clearing all the debris from her world.  Then I realized, throughout the world, not only for her.  They were all operated by spirit and the cleanup has begun!!

We also received several examples of how a planetary sweep can and will happen.  Imagine a hurricane coming thru, but you are in your shower curtain changing area (or even released from that and are now a shimmery field of Light) the energies that make up a hurricane know you, know your energy signature and will go around you, never thru you.  Those in need of the experiences of clearing, will be the only ones affected.

One can say, wow that’s a bit extreme and could even feel unloving in its release.  I get the analogy of a small child covered in dirt from head to foot and the loving parent wants to child to take a bath, but the child refuses, throws a temper tantrum at the thought… but that loving parent has only the child’s best interest at heart and forces a bath on the child.  Is that unloving or loving?  To the child it is the worst thing that could happen in the moment, until it gets out of the bath fresh and clean.  (I live with a 17 months old, I know these tantrums of self-will. lol)

We can even look at what has been coming thru this last week of earth going thru an incarnation shut down of those still in deep lesson.  I think about my time in foster homes, taken out of my familiar world and placed in other worlds.  What if it was for the good of the family, what if I was I was a little terrorist to the emerging family and created dysfunction and not harmony??  I really learned a lot moving from home to home, personality construct to personality construct, so even tho it was unwanted from my perspective (and I was not a terrorist, just to be clear here  lol) it created the foundation of all that I do and understand Now.  So making slower evolving souls incarnate in other realms is a gift, not a punishment as our egos can make it feel like.

Back to my lady, it was explained that this changing room was ongoing thru the lions gate.  That gold/bronze bar was equal to a magnetic field, bringing together new players and platforms to her field, removing old energies (hence the street sweepers.)  There is nothing she needs to do, for her, all is already underway.  Per her team, there was nothing more we can see as everything sets itself up.  That is the reason we did not call it a reading.  But also, the other readings she had schedule before the 8/8 lions gate, got rescheduled too.

My second lady, once I could hold my vision in the field, had 7 new teachers present themselves.  What was so odd is they felt like spirits and humans all at the same time.  5 formed a C shape around her.  A peruvian shaman, a native american, a cowboy, an egyptian princess, and Isis.. or maybe IceIs.  Directly behind the cowboy who was in the middle of the formation, was a thing that was a cross between a bat and a dragon and behind that, a cross between what looked like a bear form standing on its hind legs, blended with a tiger.

It was explained to her all of these Beings once lived on the earth, in purity of their mastery and gift to the earth.  It is from that perspective the teachings will unfold to her and that she holds a powerful mastery within her, combining all these teachers into one system.  Of course she was given homework to do to connect with each one.

By the time I was finished with my first two readings, I was fried.  So when i say I was grateful my two others were no shows, it’s because of the intensity I had to reach thru to read.  It is also why I didn’t get my videos done.  My brains were vibrating too fast to harness mental activity with focus.

That all carried into my sleep, I felt like I was being stretched from rim to rim thru the night.  I would wake up disoriented and like I was on a loom meant to stretch out material.  It was exhausting lol.  So today, I am sticking to my own yard for readings.

On that note, my day is about to begin!!  I love you all soul very very much!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with the Keepers of the Garden (that would be us) as we enter Gaia’s Glory Years, together!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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