The Turbulent Fields of August!!

Happy August everyone!!! Of course, I do believe we entered the intense water of August a week ago and they are just rising as the days go by.  Those 5 crystalline fires that made of the first week of August are now at the ground level looking more like a turbulent ocean than fire.  All 5 readings depicted the same energy field yesterday, one with a surprising twist that brought us into even deeper clarity.

The field itself, thru every person, looked like an ocean surface when the storms are creating massive choppiness in the surface waves.  None of the waters were clear, with my 4 ladies the field waters were an opaque white and I could feel the combination of crystalline/diamond energies that made up these waters.  It wasn’t until the last reading of the day, a man, did I see a significance to the color, his waters were blue.  A blue that was reminiscent of the blue that would present itself as God/Creator/Source for the last two years in readings before my moving out of New Mexico.  Unlike those two years, where the energies were always in the sky or air, foretelling the work one needed to do to pull the Creator energy into them, this time, it is now within the water fields of earth.

Let’s take a step back for a moment and really look at just the field.  The divine feminine, the white, the purity of Life and the emotional field that is God incarnate.  The blue, the creation field, solidifying into life, the emotional field of focus.

Thru it all, reflected an emotional storm, a very choppy one at that.  All the masters I have the privilege of connecting to, had protection on as they assisted those in the under currents of this emotional storm around them.  We also know, on a planet of free will choice, not everyone wants a life line out of the storm.

Sunday morning, since I was up at 4am and not writing a blog since I thought I would be doing a video instead, I was prompted to take a peak into CNN and see whats happening in the world.  I do not look at news, except on rare occasions when I feel I need to know something.

Ohhh my dear good god, there is North Korea flexing its military muscles, again.  But this time, we are now seeing the benefit to their constant work out, perfecting what they desire…. to reach american shores with their missiles.  It is affirmed that the missiles they test launched on Friday, have the ability to reach as far into the USA as Chicago and maybe even, NYC, depending of course, on the payload attached to it.

I thought about the information coming thru the readings this last two weeks, a shit storm, ashes, wet farts being actual shit.  It not always just hot air…

I never truly know what is figurative or literal in spirits display of information.  But I do recognize constant.

With the accomplishment of Fridays test missile, an ICBM (Intercontinental ballistic missile) N. Korea is now actively testing their submarine missile launch capabilities.

Couple that with one of the most reckless people we put into the highest office we have, that governs and directs the military.  A person who just the other day, encouraged our police force to use brute force and his pure joy of seeing those arrested treated more harshly.

Both Sunday and even yesterday when I read about the submarine movement last night, I recalled an odd things that hypnotized guy I quoted from the book “Keepers of the Garden” said, which I did not share because I gave no weight to it… until now.  When he was talking about the coming shift, that as long as no nuclear bombs are released to intensify the tilt, we (humanity) will assimilate easily.  If Dolores Cannon expanded on his slip of the tongue there, she did not put any of it in her book, except that one sentence.

With all that said (I have been holding it in for two days now) a wet fart is not as devastating as an explosive diarrhea episode, but there must be clean up done after the fact.

With so much of our lives, we tend to hide under the covers and swear… the ET’s will never allow that, god or Jesus would swoop in and save the day.  And yet… it is US that are being readied as the clean up crew…. for many years now.

My second lady of the day yesterday sits at the forefront of my mind as I change the subject back to our power and Light (smile.)  Her dress reminded me of a fireman’s outfit, only, everything was made of what looked like rubber material.  She was wielding an ax, chopping things beneath the turbulent waves that neither of us could see.  Breaking up the shit from the soul level and now is her time to be conscious of her skills, because they will soon be needed and used.  Her team explained that she was part of the Clan of Thor, which surprised me.  In my own ignorance, I only associate hammers with Thor, but her team explained its a clan not a single person.  Using the likes of hammers, axes, saws and other tools.  Just like the Clan of AA Michael uses more than just a sword.

I realized that there was a time, when ET’s freely lived and visited the earth, they brought tools from their realm, not for destruction, altho that is how memory holds it, but for life enhancement.  We never developed ourselves with the spiritual technology from the inside out, to go with what we now use as weapons or tools.  The sword of truth was only meant to pierce the dense ego and shed light, not pierce the body and create death.

We are all being asked to bring out spiritual technology back… for use, for rebuilding from the heart up and not the ego down.  And sometimes… the rebuilding is more important than how something falls apart.

On that note…. Happy August!!   Ohhh and I did not get my computer back, it is getting a new super fast hard drive installed.  Which is keeping me from engaging in emails.  I will catch up with every one, as soon as I get my free-flowing keystrokes back!!!

So much love and fortitude wrapped in (((((HUGZ))))) to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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