The Lions Gate Opens to Clear, Fertile Fields!

Image Artwork by Krystleyez

Image Artwork by Krystleyez

even trying, cannot and will not capture its fullness.  That said, I am going to do my damnedest to explain yesterdays weather energy here in good ole Fentress, Texas.  First of all, I feel it is too important not to try and capture in words, plus spirit knows that’s what I do, so I was able to experience the full breadth of this new energy as it poured into this planet, even if by the slight deception of it being a weather event over parts of Texas.  It was a worldwide event not just a Texas thing!!  Spirit just knows how to point something out to me for the further understanding and sharing.

I was typing out my blog yesterday when the skies open up and released a rain that slammed its way to earth, hitting the tin roof over my back porch with such a force I could not even hear my own thoughts any longer.  I was then prompted to record the sound, it was so loud…

I could have easily just put on the sound recorder and did it that way, but instead, as if on autopilot, I stood up, opened my video recorder, went to the opening on my porch and just pointed the lens into the yard to capture the sound of the rain.  In the minute and a half I recorded, I got a whole lot more than just the sound of rain.


I trimmed the video down so we could get straight to the stream of green energy that came in from the right side of the screen, from just in front of my porch and zoomed across the yard to the tree line.  That is about 5 seconds into the video.  5 Seconds after that, this smoke appeared coming from the same origin point, only heading towards me or the video capture.  I am not quite sure of the intent there.  Even tho I was not able to see either of these energies with my naked eyes, I could see them clearly thru the video screen.  I looked behind me to see if I left a cigarette in the ash tray, I did not.  But that would have had to be some seriously determined cigarette smoke to go from the far end of my porch, outwards thru the screen, hang a left and move an easy 10 feet along the front of the porch screen, then hang a left to come towards me.  Yes it was raining but the air was rather still.  And then the energy shifted, changed, intensified and wham an avalanche of orbs started pouring in towards me from across the yard.  I looked above my camera to see if there was something out of the ordinary that was creating this on the video… nothing that my eyes could see, at all.

I did not realize just how important this minute and a half (shorted to a minute and 3 second) video would be at fully explaining beyond words, what really transpired yesterday, the day of the lunar eclipse.

The rain was so loud I could not even concentrate to finish my blog.  I closed it out, published it and sat and absorbed the rain show, which turned into an unusual thunder and lightening show.  Unusual in the way I felt it, even, the way I would see it.  The first flash of lighting took me by surprise, it didn’t display in my field of vision like lightening at all.  Instead, it took on the energy of something like this:


Wow, even just taking a picture the day after, adding the energy visual created a hellofa lot of energy from the picture.  I could not get this image loaded into this post for the last 15 minutes.  I even closed down wordpress, opened up a new one and it still would not load.  And then…. wham, here it is!!  Ohhhh these are so not usual times we have climbed into!!!

The image is the backyard, the lightening was inside the treeline that makes up the backyard (my side of the yard.)  I seen the lightening like a dull light that came in from the left side of the yard, billowed down as if to form a cup shape as it traveled across teh yard.  My first thought was, surely that is not what I just experienced… until it happened again minutes later.  Alrighty then….

I paid attention.  I actually tried to go in the house, I am kind of a wimp when it comes to lightening.  I love a good storm, from inside the house.  But I couldn’t, my body became immobile as I sat and experienced the lightening.  The closest thing I could relate it to is a vacuum.  As if this cup shaped electricity was scooping out all the energy of the yard, I felt this vacuum in my body as well.  It was kind of oddly weird but not bad at all.  After about 3 or 4 of these scoops of lightening, a massive bright one stuck and without even a few seconds delay… thunder rolled… and rolled and rolled.  It rolled for well over a minute long.  Deep baritones of rolling thunder.

The energy of the yard replenishing, filling out with such a clarity too it.  I could feel it in me,, in every molecule of my body.  I was already starting to go rolling in the deep within and I had 4 readings on my dance card to do.

AT 9am I connected to my first appointment.  Normally when I am not able to see, the only thing I see is the 3D image of my deck and my feet.  Not yesterday, instead of just my deck and feet it all looked like when you see heat rising up from the road or pavement… new lines of energy at our 3D base level of life emerging.  I knew I would not be able to do readings at all, first the rain was over amplified in my ears that hearing beyond its dance was impossible.  Just connecting to my precious lady down under (in Australia) had my solar plexus in such a state of movement I wasn’t 100% sure I wouldn’t throw up eventually.

With my connection to her, everything seemed overly alive.  I say overly because it was affecting my sitting body in a very strange and unusual way.  We rescheduled, I then sent an email out to everyone else and rescheduled them too.  I was being pulled so deep into myself… talking, typing, doing anything was becoming more and more difficult.

As I sat reorienting myself after closing out skype from my first and only attempt at reading, I fully realized this energy was at the soul level of inter-connectivity.  Binding those in the similar frequency zones tighter, releasing others from the web to go elsewhere.  A purging and refueling all at the same time.

The rains let up mid afternoon and the yard had this amazing clarity about it.  If I was able to capture its fullness, it would be like the crispest, clearest picture ever captured.  The outline of everything shimmered with newness.

I received notice later in the day that the Retreat Center was vacant again, I was grateful for all involved.  For A moment I thought about going up there to recharge the energies, but I was still being recharged myself.  I instantly received a visual of the legion of light (or was it elves lol) working from the top down, embedding this new energy into every crevice of the Center.  The visual was kind of funny come to think of it, these tall skinny (no more than 6 inches wide) ladders (the Center has 12 foot ceilings) and these little workers that really do look like gnomes or elves, washing or rubbing things in from the ceiling downwards.

That alone shows us all, there is now a unified energy at the ground level of life, working without needing instruction, without waiting for us humans to either do it ourselves or ask for help.  This is truly exciting on so many levels.

I am so excited for all of us!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) and crystal clear energies to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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