The Crystalline Earth, The Old Earth and the New Power Returning! Part 2

I only had one reading on my agenda yesterday, but even that one was so radically different than the three I had done the day prior.  New elemental arriving and assisting.  But I will get to that in a moment.  I want to finish up the sharing I started yesterday and move forward with information release from there.

The one thing I completely forgot to mention about the Serpent that showed up for my lady (and actually showed up again yesterday during the Kundalini Power class, to help us understand so much new information) that he is the masculine energy of mother earth.  He reminded us that even tho we think of mother earth as female, she is as much masculine energy as she is feminine.  Life could not exist, in this realm, any other way.  

Just like you and I, earth is a multiplicity Being.  Many moving parts that make up the whole.  

Before I get into all that, I want to first share teh replies to the wonderful questions my first lady (aqua aura lady) had asked thru her reading the other day.  She had asked about the young children that are currently getting sick and some that are dealing with cancer.  (Her question arose because of those she knows around her.)  The reply was stunning, if not even hard to fathom.  When we look at children, we are not looking at the old souls they are.  The eons of experience they have being here on earth.  We look at this precious Beings as new Beings in this realm.  Not really!

It was explained that the children from 0-8 years old have come in purposely as the cleaners of the old energy.  They are taking into their biology the energies we think of as disease and even the energies we do not think of as disease, but merely chaos debris, bringing it in and thru their biology for transmutation.  This transmutation, as the body kicks up its ability to release and remove, create outward signs of rashes, illness of varying degrees, mood swings and so on.  When she asked about the ones with cancer, it was explained that these amazing little Beings are going deep into the family line to eradicate old stubborn energy, to include the energy of cancer... one day.  

Earth is a biological field and life springs and breaks down at the biological level.  Many masters are now in body, cleaning up the biology as young ones.  The reason it is the young ones, their field is pure.  The mind is untainted with old stories, inaccurate stories so the process of transmutation remains pure.  

Then it was explained that we are going to have an even new breed of children coming in as the door closes on the equinox of September.  Those who are conceived (not the ones already conceived) beyond September 22nd will come in without the large history of chaos and fear this realm is currently purging from.  They will only remember the original story, what we can just call the original garden of Eden.  They will not come in with the luggage of karma to clean up from their previous incarnations in this era.  The clean up crew have done their job so well, that it is now appropriate for these pure Beings... children to start arriving.

But it is not all fluff that we can expect as they age.  Many will be born to old thinking parents.  The ones so aligned with yesterday they do not even recognize the wonders of today.  Their jobs are going to be to irradiate the old ways of thinking.  Of hanging on to fears as if they have any power over them.  Imagine what they will do when they get into school!!  The schools the way they are set up now, really are obsolete systems of control and propaganda.  There will be even less mind control ability with these new children than there already challenged with, with the children that are here Now.  

We may even look and say, the children have gone crazy.  Actually, its the opposite.  We are teh crazy ones and they are here to set us straight.  In alignment with the All of life, using duality as their power!!  

So do not expect these little masters of light to come out as misconceived angels, but more like using the sword of truth as their energy!!  Let me tell ya, even the field of light is dirtied up!!

I know she asked other profound/mundane questions, but dammit, my mind is drawing a blank at the rest this morning.  Maybe this is what spirit wants us to realize today and the rest will come later.  

Ohhh actually I do remember something else she asked.  The reply is important not only for our children, but in all we do!!  

She explained that she knows three children with cancer.  (I pray I am remember her details of the question correctly, forgive me if I am not, it really is the reply that is important.)  Of course all from very loving families, parents that are doing everything they know how to do, to help their child overcome cancer.  Changing diets and such.  She explained that two of the children seem to be responding well to these changes and one is not and wanted to know why.  

I am going to change the reply more to broad spectrum.  We tend to react this way overall.  Hell, I am seeing it with the storms  that are underway as well.

There are many variations of love.  Of course we love our children, very much.  When they become ill, we want to do whatever we can to make them well again.  Often times (but surely, not always with everyone) we react with fear.  That is perfectly natural.  Fear is how the ego is designed to keep the human alive. I know I entered the fear zone the moment my doctor told me i had the worse case scenario with my biopsy results.  I have cancer and its bad!!  Beyond the shock, I had to entertain the fear.  I would have been in denial of my own self had I not allowed the fears to manifest and be addressed.  After many trips to the deep end of my tub, I got to the full root of my fears... worse case scenario, I would die.  My fears subsided immediately.  I have spent so much time on the other side of the veil, death does not scare me.  I am surely not ready to go, but if I must... I will.  In that very acknowledgement, fear left the building.  Focus of life sustaining options became my only focus.  Surgery was scheduled within days.

Of course, I feel, when it is your own self you are dealing with, eradicating fear is much easier than when you child is the one dealing with what may be a life or death situation.  If we approach any situation with fear infused love, it makes what we are dealing with bigger and stronger because it is eating the fear.  

It is soooo extremely important for each and every one of us to recognize the difference in ourselves.  We may, without being conscious, be feeding the thing we want to irradiate.

If I could strongly advise to stay out of the blame game with anything.  We literally give our personal power away each and every time we do that.  

Instead, fully partner with what is happening.  Love it with all your Being.  Feel into the reason why it is here (whatever "it" is) and what you (or we) can do together in its presence.  

With my own cancer options... I was not about to sit in meditation until it went away.  Screw that!! lol  Surgery was intimidate, sign me up!!  After surgery, my docs said they are pretty sure they got it all.  It did migrate from my back to a lymph node under my right arm, which they removed too.  I had already knew (via meditation) the relationship energy that was still eating at me, and I freed dammit!!  I was given the staging of 3c melanoma and highly encouraged to do clinical trials in case there were cancer cells elsewhere in my body.  I went to talk with the clinical director, who would be come my ongoing oncologist and my body firmly said ohhh no.  No clinical trails for us.  

When we have something happening inside our bodies that appears to be out of our personal control, amazing amounts of people want to help with their remedies and ideas.  I tried a few, because I felt like I needed to be proactive in my wellness, beyond my meditations and energy alignments.  Until about 3 weeks into taking supplements... my body is like... what you doing??  We don't like this and it is not needed.  I stopped immediately. That was in 2012.

The approach of anything MUST be with unconditional love, untainted with any fear.  Whether it is illness, storms, even the degradation we witness with earth.  Love, pure, unconditional love is the only true cure for us all!!

So now let me change the subject completely lol.  I want to touch on my reading yesterday before I finish this sharing.  

My lady showed up laying flat on her back about 6 inches above the ground.  She appeared to be covered in this black gel like thing.  If I didn't know her personal energy signature, I wouldn't have known it was her.  There was no energetic familiarity connecting with dirt lady, so I was instantly confused (my natural state of Being all the time these days!!) I could see these tiny little men under her body, elves... but no taller than 6 inches tall, supporting her from head to toe... no... carrying her ever so slowly to the right of the field.  Before we were told there is no future to see until after the equinox, that would be the direction of the future.  

These little elf guys explained they are part of the new elemental's here on earth and they are taking her to a very special place that cannot be known (or fathomed) at this present time.  She was purposely being kept in teh dark (especially from my snoopy eyes) so there is no preconceive notion about what she will arrive in, when and where.

They did explain that she is part of the elf clan from (what I consider) the elemental tribe.  A lot is going to be asked of her when she does arrive in the new landscape of earth.  

Many of these Beings went to other realms as earth went thru her dark days and they are returning now, as the pure Light of Source returns.

On that note, I am being asked to close for today.  I have much to learn thru the Nations class today!! tomorrow....!!!

I love you all so freakin much!!  That simple sentance does not do justice to my ever growing feeling in and outside myself when I think of You!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with the power of Love to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas         


We left many crystals buried at many of the standing stone and sacred sites thru out Scotland.  Including the ocean and water ways.  I will get a complete list of the power grid ares we created and share it (the names)  in a blog and on the website (soon.)



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