Playing in the Land of Shadows with Love and Purpose!

There are a million things (OK, maybe 5 lol) rushing thru my head to share.  Where to start is always my major dilemma sitting down at the computer when so much is rushing thru my head.  I guess I will start with one bit of information that I forgot to share the other day, it came thru class yesterday and feels more important than even the day it came thru the reading with the new elf like Beings returning.  

They will be working with the shadows as well as the light upon earth.  When we hear the word shadows, just like when we hear the word darkness, we instantly think of negative aspects of life.  Not at all.  The earth realm is not half bad and half good, it is All good.  Just different.  If we think of the vast frequencies of light and dark on this planet like paints, blue is not better or worse than yellow and when you blend them together, you get green.  The blending changes the original construct and it becomes something else, something different and usable.  

The example I am receiving to share is of course, myself.  I spent 8 years addressing the dark side of my self, adding light and illuminating that part of me.  The dark did not leave, but became so blended with the light that it is no longer a detriment to my life or the life of others, instead, it is an asset.  And I indeed, use it's strength when needed.

If we despise anything, anything we deem dark or in shadows, first we are solidifying its continued existence.  Take something like the government or that other pesky entity known as the IRS.  Not much love gets poured into either body's, which keeps them solid and in place.  Imagine pouring love into these systems, not with the personal agenda of changing them, cuz that is not unconditional love, that is sneaky conditional love.  The love energy starts to cast shadows in the dark, changing its mixture without an agenda.  It's allowed to soften and bend, if not totally disseminate and make room for something new and exciting.

A great example is from the children's story "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas."  When the Who's loved that Grinch anyway, his heart grew.  He became what he was created to be.  

We can and should love ALL things.  We do not have to like the choices or outcomes of things, but that does not stop the love flowing.  I personally dislike, strongly, the way my body assimilates these intense energies, but I am so grateful and love that I am part of these intense energies.  I have no need nor desire to stop it, I have learned how to ride the storms, inside and out.  And I do all I can, in helping anyone who is open to love, to do the same.  I can just hear it now... people saying, but of course I am open to love... not everyone is. Some people are so busy being angry and blaming that that door is closed too tightly, until its not.  

So lets shift to the two readings I had yesterday.  Well maybe 2.5, my first reading had two people in it.  Now that I have a few readings under my belt, there is one major consistency I am seeing. Everyone shows up just on the other side of my porch in the yard.  Their field is not much wider than a five foot strip of reading field.  The energy of everyone is inching towards the right, the direction the "future" resides in within the field.  

My first lady had a pile of glistening snow piled 2-3 feet high on her field and it was still snowing.  Even tho it was snowing pretty steadily, I was able to see every individual snowflake that fell from the sky, the sun enhancing its radiance by shining on it and it glistened.  As I reflect back this morning, the flakes almost squealed with joy as they fell to the ground.  There are things I do not notice during a reading because I am busy trying to understand what I see.  The unique individuated geometric patterns were what my lady works with from the energy of snow, the solidifying outcome of water... of emotions.  Keeping in mind, no two snowflakes are the same.  That must mean, with every snowfall, there are brand new, never before in this realm, geometric patterns falling to earth.  Many to date, have simply melted away without ever being used by humans.  Their energy still became seeded within the earth, but for those masters of geometry, it is now time to pay attention.  To learn the new and use each pattern to build and enhance the earth as we cross the door of the equinox to an massively expanded reality.

 I do want to focus on her friend, simply because I have a feeling, many people will be able to relate to this situation.  When I cleared the field and focused on him, he was instantly on my porch with this glowing white cast from his hip to ankle on his left leg with a crutch placed under his left armpit.  

It was explained to him that metaphorically speaking, his leg was broken in two places, the thigh area and the calf area, to release the old energies of his life path.  He was placed in a very special spiritual cast that has his leg (path of physical life) re-energizing itself to the new.  He is hobbling forward, but without a real sense of direction.  He said he felt like this for some time.  Perfect!!  I then seen an energy system in the front entrance of the month we call November, this amazingly beautiful energy showering up out of the ground in multiple color streams.  It was stunning to look at and feel!! 

It was explained to him, that the true reason he is on earth at this time, the energies have not arrived yet to release his (newly installed) DNA blueprints.  The earth is going to go thru another series of energy events as we cross into November that (what his team said) will be unmistakable and his energy field will light up like a Christmas tree with renewed purpose and direction.

Now, let me expand on these two readings talking about new energy.  I have heard so many people say they have been working with whatever new energy I am writing about already.  No, I promise, you have not.  New means never hear in this realm before.  Much of it is still seeding the earth herself and not available for use, but there for assimilation.  We miss magnificent things by connecting to what we have been doing, even if it was just yesterday we did it and assuming anything.

Before I close for today, I want to touch on this storms, namely Harvey and Irma.  I find them amazing really.  Harvey came in and cleaned energetic house in Texas, while Irma is still cleaning energetic house in Florida (and most of the islands beyond Florida's tail.)  The Nation of Lights was birthed in Marco Island Florida, where Irma made her final landfall as a cat 3 (action and communication.)   My travel partner and good friend owns a condo on Marco Island.  Harvey came first and came thru Texas, sweeping my area with its winds and pummeling Houston with its flood waters.  Houston is where i had my very vivid, very real "mothers day dream."

Within 2 days of returning home from Scotland, with the surprise news of yet another animal added to the household while I was gone, I instantly decided to give up the Retreat Center for the Nation and let me daughter, grandson and all the critters take it over (and take over the rent too.)  The only thing that will happen at the Retreat Center is the Into the Void workshop.  How freakin incredible is that!!  All the energies have been so radically cleared and enhanced thru these two inter-related storms that has everything to do with the Nation of Lights, with us and our higher purpose and energy fields, that I look in awe of how it is playing out.  

I find it so interesting that it was a rabbit that gave its life to show us that the energy that was once in the Retreat Center, dissipated.  It is also a rabbit that is transferring my daughter to that place.

Rabbit:  Movement in life, fertility, sensitive, artistic, plan for possibilities, check what is in motion now, move carefully in work or play, allows for taking advantage of brief chances available. Is it time to observe and watch or time to make leaps? Rabbit can teach you how to plan and helps in setting them in motion. How are you eating habits? Perhaps you need to increase your vegetable intake? Rabbit is a joy so enjoy the movement at this time.  (Taken from Star Stuffs)

Each and everyone of us is being invited to a brand new beginning.  Are you ready?  Better stated, Are You WILLing???

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with new, radical energies to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  


  • All new and renewing full members of the Nation will receive 5 crystals that had journeyed with me to Scotland.  (Please email me your mailing address)
  • All reading purchases will receive 3 sister crystals (they stayed home, but are fully connected to the ones I brought with me.)  I will use your paypal address unless otherwise notified. 

We left many crystals buried at many of the standing stone and sacred sites thru out Scotland.  Including the ocean and water ways.  I will get a complete list of the power grid ares we created and share it (the names)  in a blog and on the website (soon.)

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