The Standing Rocks of Scotland and the Incoming Energies.

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I think I am (we are)  in the wild swing of the pendulum with sleep patterns.  Yesterday I so over slept that I missed my first appointment, today I am wide awake at 3 am!!  At least I am not lethargic this morning like I was yesterday.  That said, I tend to crash before noon when I wake up this early.

Let's talk about yesterday!!  I woke up disoriented.  I felt like I slid from one reality into this one i wake up in without the buffer we usually have while waking.  I knew my soul, as well as the souls of many others, were in Scotland, energizing the crystals we had buried in both the dirt as well as the waters, while in Scotland.  As I was exiting that reality (to wake up) I heard a voice distinctly say, this is very important that you share it with everyone.  If I could remember what we just did, I would share it.  I pondered it all day long, I have no recollection of what we did, just that we did something all night long.  There were many souls working with me, none of which I remembered or recognized upon waking.  The only thing I know for sure, the voice that gave me the instruction to share was male.  

As I settled back into this body, not only was my mental plane lethargic, serious nausea was setting in and dizziness stemming directly from the pineal area of my brains. It was so rough that two of the three readings I was awake for, I could not tap into.  Just before the third reading, I could feel my entire system clear, like the sun coming out after an intense rain storm.  I was able to read for her without (much) effort.

However, before I touch on any of the information coming thru in the readings, I want to at least share the little bit I was able to retrieve in understandings on my adventures in Scotland.  Before I do that, I have got to share this little funny... as well major validation of something I do not totally understand... yet. 

Something inside of me yesterday was hell bent on making sure yesterday was the day I went and changed my drivers license from New Mexico to Texas.  Granted, my NM one expires the end of this month, so it is time.  But man this was almost... urgent in me to do.   I gathered all the documents I thought I needed (per their website) and after my last reading of the day, headed to Lockhart to release the final thread that kept me connected to New Mexico.  

When I arrived, this happiest, kindest DMV worker I had ever met in my life, asked me if I brought my marriage certificate.  WHAT???  She said they need to see proof of how I went from being Lisa Parkhurst to Lisa Gawlas.  Really???  I have never ever needed that certificate and it is long gone!!  She told me before I can register for a Texas drivers license, I will have to get a copy.  Suddenly, my inner voice that insisted I take my passport to DMV with me prior to leaving (and I insisted it was crazy, passports are NOT needed for drivers licenses... spirit doesn't know everything!!) reminded me instantly of my passport.  So I asked her if that would do.  Sure enough!!  She explained that they are tied into homeland security and to get a passport requires the same information they do.  I disagree, I did not need my marriage certificate, but who cares.  Back home I went for the passport.  Silly me, one day, I will trust that inner voice that always knows more than this crazy human!!  One day!!!

As she is going thru my paperwork and documents, suddenly out of nowhere, streams in the music of bagpipes.  Keeping in mind, I am at the courthouse in Lockhart, Texas.  The bagpipes only played for a few minutes, but it was long enough for me to shockingly ask her... did I just hear bagpipes??  She affirmed that one of her courthouse co-workers is discovering his Scottish heritage and playing with the bagpipes.  But in the courthouse???  Really???  

What are the chances that in the course of about a week, I run into a man in a kilt in a grocery store and now bagpipes being (quickly) played in a courthouse.  Both times it was like my arrival to the place and time was delayed so I would be there at that exact moment (I got lost going to the grocery store.) 

The one thing I am so absolutely sure of, there is a vast connection between the adventures we experienced in Scotland and this very particular part of Texas.  But at this moment, I have no idea what.  I know the crystals we buried are key, especially given my sleep-time adventures yesterday.

So let me share the places we left crystals and the pictures that go with some of the places.  I snagged most from the internet when I could find the whole view of the standing stones, since mine are not that detailed in scope.  Keeping in mind, there were three of us (me, Julie and Valerie) burring stones in Scotland.  Valerie was with us for 2 days in Kilmartin Glen, then went on her own journey and buried them where she went.  

Loch Lomond on way out of Glasgow as well as the (first) Hotel: Kirnan House (Ross) at the tree and river.

kirnan house tree scotland.jpg

Kilmartins Glen:  Nether Largie standing stones.

holy smokin.jpg

Of course I had to have a holy smoke everywhere we went!!  The first picture I snagged from the internet, the second one... well obviously not!! lol  But of all the standing stones we connected with, this one released more information into its original purpose than any other.

It was an energy generator,  reminiscent of our current nuclear plants, only zero harm to the earth or humanity.  With the information was the parallel of the butterfly effect, with the center stones being the generator and the stones to the left and right, distributors (like butterfly wings.)  

It was also explained, all of these stones have been disengaged from their original purpose. Some of the parts have been purposely removed, to shut it down.  However, energy does still run beneath them.  I was given a parallel to a trickling stream of water far beneath the earth.  

Directly accross from this standing stone area is:

Temple Wood Kilmartins Glen Scotland

temple wood.jpg
temple wood cairn.png

We placed crystals at some of the errect stones in the circle as well as in the hole in the center.  Just to the other side of this circle was another circle that was really discontructed, which partnered with the one above:


The standing stones with the hole in the middle served as a transportation area, among other things.  This land here once served as beacons or antennas for our friends from the skies to navigate in and out of.  That was just one of a much larger purpose.  If I was told other purposes, I sure as hell forget today.

I was also able to see/remember how these massive, weighty stones were set.  The ET's brought with them something that I will just call a palm sized anti gravity device that they placed onto these stones that made them pretty much weightless.  Once they were in place, they were reset and recalibrated to the field of gravity and earths energy system.

Even tho science can only date these stones to 3100 BC, these formations are much much older than that.  Exactly how old, no one would tell me, dammit!!  So much deeper, fuller information was purposely being blocked thru this entire trip.  As I said, I received the most information from this place here... as far as its past.

Spirit is asking me (and I do understand why) to only share this today.  We will get the rest shared over time.  I have now been up 2.5 hours today and was fine until I started connecting/talking about the standing stones and the crystal placements.  I am once again seriously nauseated and spacey.  

But let me give you a view of us three ladies here in Kilmartins Glen:

From left to right:  Julie Gullick-Wiley, Valerie Lenton, Lisa Gawlas

From left to right:  Julie Gullick-Wiley, Valerie Lenton, Lisa Gawlas

Altho I am not sharing the photos today or the other information I did receive, I do want to leave the full list of where the crystals have been buried.  To include two area's (and the photos) of the crop circles Julie buried them in and I have the wheat from each crop circle and the crystals are absorbing their energies too!!

Loch Lomond on way out of Glasgow.
Hotel: Kirnan House (Ross). tree and river.

Kilmartins Glen:
Temple Wood....2 stone circles and hole we sat in.
Nether Largie standing stones.
Burial chambers.
Dunadd Castle. First king of Scotland crowned..and subsequent kings.

Isle of Mull
Lochbuie stone circle....lost the wellie! ..

Dun I ...
Atlantic for the Solar Eclipse.

Loch Ness

We Both left here..

Ring of Brodgar
Stones of stennes
Maeshowe Burial chamber
Skara Brae ancient village.
Whale bone (Skiba Geo)
Viking ruins and Lighthouse. Birsay Island

Yesnaby....sea stacks..
Black Craig

Valerie: Around the cairns at Clava, (near Inverness)

Crystals left in 2 crop circles...Lunar and Solar Eclipses?
Bradgate Park...ancient rocks and ley lines.

Spring Equinox: Marco Island
Fall Equinox: Mt. Toubkal. Highest peak in Northern Africa.
Atlas Mountains Morocco

Crystals left in 2 crop circles...Lunar and Solar Eclipses?


Ok that's enough for pictorials today.  I am going to explode from the energy infusion!! lol  

From the Kundalini Power Class on 9/9 spirit revealed three body templates on this earth at the moment.  I cannot recall if I shared this information or not (too much comes in and then falls out of this mind of mine lol) but the three are the original, then there is what I am going to call the ones in the midst of changing and now, the new human template.  Its the new one I am talking about today.  One of the lady's showed up in a way that reminded me of dough being kneaded.  It consisted of her whole energy spectrum of light.  It was rise, then be kneaded back down again as new light spectrum's were added, then rise again, to be kneaded back down.  It was explained that this is an ongoing process thru the equinox.  

Another lady was in the form of light.  Her biological outline was made of light, she split in half down the center, was being stretched from both side to form what looked to me like to halves of a heart with the center staying open like a V.  In the V center color coded striations were being inlaid horizontally... this too, is an over time, integration process.

There are many ways we are coming into the new body template, depending on the work we will be doing and the arrival of the energy to do it with.

We have just been blasted with intense new energies from the sun.  This is taken from yesterdays site:

THE CME HAS ARRIVED: Arriving earlier than expected, the flank of a CME hit Earth's magnetic field on Sept. 12th around 20:00 UT. G1- to G2-class geomagnetic storms are possible in the hours ahead as Earth moves deeper into the CME. If the G2-storm materializes, auroras in the USA could appear as low as New York to Wisconsin to Washington state. Free: Aurora Alerts

SOLAR RADIATION STORM AND GROUND LEVEL EVENT: On Sept. 10th, departing sunspot AR2673 erupted, producing a powerful X8-class solar flare. The explosion propelled a CME into space and accelerated a swarm of energetic protons toward Earth.

A full spectrum of full light photons have been released and are still swarming around.  Couple that with all the storm energy from the many hurricanes, also the earthquakes and the fires.  We are all, the entire planet and solar system are in the midst of radical change.  Change we have been praying for, waiting for, and now.... here we are.  The greatest thing anyone can do at this moment is partner with the energies.  Breath them in, assimilate their vastness, their quickness (quickening) into your whole Being.  Exhale the new light into the atmosphere.  

That is all for today.  Until tomorrow....  I am going to leave with a phrase I heard for years in my meditations:

Some things are true whether you believe them or not.  

(For whatever reason, there are people who need to believe these earth events are dark plots by governments instead of intense love of the earth.  'Nuff said. ;-) )

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of radical Light thru the ALL into the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  


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