My Deep Seeded Judgement and Return of the Bird Tribes.

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The first thing I want to do today, is apologize to every Texan and to every republican.  I do not think I had ever been made more aware of a long held judgement within me, until yesterday.  It was such a deep judgement, I truly deemed it an observation (as opposed to an emotionally infused opinion.)  

It is not a secret Texas is a red state, majority republican state.  Besides my negative relationship with my daughters father many many moons ago, this was one huge reason I had no desire to move to Texas.  My past history has shown that red states rarely take care of its people.  Florida was huge in keeping that feeling alive and well inside of me.  Which allowed my judgement to remain hidden as a validated observation.  

I must admit that my daughter and grandson were the first ones to start remove the misconceptions from my eyes.  This state has programs that helps the single parent in so many amazing ways.  Her daycare is paid in full for a year, at the beginning of her job, she was issued a $50 gas card to get back and forth to work each week, for 8 weeks.  She was given a clothing allotment so she could dress for work as well.   

Once we moved here to Fentress, she found a community health center in Luling and she applied for their sliding scale fee and was approved.  So now,  a doctors appointment is only $10 per visit.  Any labs needed, only $10.

This is the same place I head when I was day 7 with no voice and raging bronchitis (like symptoms.)  I could not get an appointment until yesterday.  But that day did have me seeing that kilt clad cutie in the HEB grocery store, which really started the restoration of my voice and lungs!!  

I kept my appointment for yesterday to establish a local doctor and one who can refill my albuterol scripts when needed.  My last one expires next month.  This turned into a close to 4 hour appointment (paperwork!!!) but the outcome was the same as with my daughter.  $10 doc visits and labs.  They truly care about your mental health. Each visit everyone must fill out a paper about how they are feeling and offer psych counseling for $35 a session.  Free breast and uterine exams too.  

What happened at the end of my visit, really truly blew my mind.  They have an in house pharmacy that some people may qualify, my PA, the most amazing, loving, deep soul energy in her eyes, person I have ever met in the wellness industry, took it upon herself to do what she could to make sure I could get my puffers refilled there... for a teeny tiny $8 per puffer (instead of the $63 I have been paying.)  She also explained that I am in the most pollen rich state in the world and that is probably why my asthma has been off the charts since August and warned me of Dec when ceder season starts.  

It wasn't enough that I left that place feeling so incredibly taken care of, loved even, as I was pulling out of the parking lot, one of the receptionists came running to my car with paper in hand.  I forgot to sign the release for from UNM Cancer Center and they went the extra step (Instead of waiting for my return) to get it signed.

It was on my drive home, again, feeling so incredibly taken care of, from a state I truly expected to be as heartless as Florida was, since it too, is a red state, and my team so lovingly addressed this in me.  I say lovingly addressed because there is no good that comes from feeling bad or guilty about something we may innocently (and yet, can be destructive) harbor within us.  I was truly shocked at myself.  I knew I had perceptions, I really had no idea how emotionally invested I was in those perceptions.

I find this massive reveal about my own self, oddly timely!!  The Into the Void workshop starts in a couple days and its truest goal is to get so emotionally into the VOID within ourselves, there is nothing left.  No judgement, no false perceptions, no denying anything within.  

I say all that and at the same time, as I drove into Texas from Florida, I remember (and was reminded yesterday) my team was saying that Texas is turning into a blue state.  My team used that terminology cuz they know what I see and feel.  From my experience, blue states take such incredible care of their people.  Its not about a political anything, but a true State of Being.  From my personal experience, Texas is well on its way.

In case someone out there thinks I have a limited view on any given state in the USA, let me tell you, it has been my history to not visit places, but move into them and every place, whether it was because I was single mother or on a cancer journey, I have always had to apply for state assistance of some sort.  I had experienced: PA, NC, VA, VT, ID, IA, NM, FL and now TX.  Of all those states there had been two, besides Texas that went way beyond what they are required to do to assist.  Vermont and New Mexico.  

I said as soon as I settled into Fentress that it felt like the combination of both my Vermont and New Mexico journey's, energetically.  I am now finding it literally too.  

Whatever else happened on my drive home, was like pulling a plug on my bathwater.  I became so insanely exhausted and yet, I had grandma duties and we won't even talk about my to-do list to get ready for the arrival of 5 insanely brave women on Friday.  Didn't matter, by 7pm it was all I could do to keep my eyes open, my ass was glued to the couch.

My dream-time was wild and vivid and once again, our group-soul was working the energies from the crystals in Scotland and England (those crop circles) as well as here in Texas.  I could see the bands of light being enlarged and was forming like a spiral of garland from here to there.  That is all I recalled on waking.  But man it was hard again waking up.  We are really doing some serious heavy lifting at night!!  

I have to smile when I finally did pull my ass out of bed and seen a post on my facebook about Fentress being a Scottish name.  Really??  This area was first known as Riverside then changed to be named after the local Doctor.  So I googled it... sure enough:  Fentress Family History. English and Scottish: variant of Ventress, itself a variant of Venters, a nickname for a daring person, from Middle English aventurous 'bold', 'venturesome'.

Daring and adventurous, yup!!  That's US!!!!

I also was reminded this morning that where the Nation of Lights found its physical birth is so important too.  It's conception came thru Marco Island at the March equinox.  

Before I close for today, I am going add in one more place we buried crystals in Scotland.  (More than likely, I will share a place a day until they are all released/shared.)

There is this attraction on Orkney called the whale bone.  It really is not a whale bone, but the psychi, being what it is, goes to the closest imaginable thing and declares it that.

Whale bone(Skiba Geo)


Any and all DNA has a consistent vibration to it.  Whales would have a whale signature even to the skeletal remains, no matter how calcified.  There was NO earthly DNA signature to this skeleton overlooking (guarding) the waters of Orkney.  

One of the images I had seen while at the gift store at the Abbey on Iona had what it really was.  If I am remembering correctly (and please forgive me if I am not) this is one of the creatures depicticted on the cover of

The Book of Kells

kells art.jpg

This gives a much more literal, visual meaning to the phrase so many of us are familiar with:

The Return of the Bird Tribes

We are here and gathering!!!  We have also awakened the Guardians of the Waters.  

Ohhh these magical, mysterious, deeply intense days and times we are in!!  How freakin exciting!!

I love you each and every one so deeply, so madly, so freakin much!!  Thank you for Being here, in this radical times of daring adventures with me, with us!!  

(((((((HUGZ)))))) filled with storms of rehydration and power and truth to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas  


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