Starve the Old, Feed Only The New, The Love! Be the Risen Phoenix!!


I find it interesting when spirit will move heaven and earth, or in today's example, the birds, to not only validate what is being shared, but making sure they put an exclamation point on the validation.  Shortly after I published my blog, my tour guide and good friend Julie sent me a quick email that simply said:  Just read your blog!


On my reading schedule was my other friend that was with us in Kilmartins Glen, who happens to be from close to the Orkney's.  I barely sat down for her reading when a yellow bird landed on my Directv satellite dish connected to the porch post and tried to find its way into the porch. Then, as if on cue, another bird took its place on the internet satellite dish to the left, again, attached to the corner post of the porch.  In all the readings I have done, no birds have ever tried to make their way in or even got that close to us in readings.  My whole body is very animated when I do readings, even if you cannot see what I am doing, I cannot help but try and show you (or is showing myself) what the hell I am talking about.)  So birds don't fly to close during readings.  Only for her yesterday, they did and stayed for a while.  Yellow is the energy of the soul/solar plexus and that was the one that showed up first.  Even their placement was so perfect, isn't that what earth really is... a directed TV show of our own, personal creation?   

Even in her actual reading, she was floating in the pool of liquid crystalline energy, ass under the waters, head and feet above and the only body parts I could see.  So the placement of the satellite dishes would coincide with her feet (Directv) and her head (internet satellite.)

I do want to add, that the liquid crystalline pool she was in served to buffer and distribute the energies and photons coming in from the sun, as her new body template continues to form.

This is the way of it for several days now, most people are in that transition stage, releasing the old body template as the new is inlaid and comes online.

Not only are the Bird Tribes returning (in consciousness, because it really is... US, mostly anywayz.)  But, one of the quicky connections I was able to have (the rain and winds kept my nosey eyes from connecting with much thru my scotland adventures) was at one of the standing stones at 

The Stones of Stennes

Stones of stennes.jpg
stones stennes.jpg

Of course, I would be amiss if I didn't say that these stones are directly linked/connected to the

 Ring of Brodgar


I also want to be very clear, the only photo that is mine is the one with me standing in it.  The rest I snagged off the net, because of the better view of the stones than I have on my camera.  Especially the Ring of Brodgar.  When we were there, there was so much ground cover )to include water lol) we could not see the actual ground.  However, we did plant several crystals at the center and now that I see this bare center and the indent in the middle, I knew when I was there, many of the stones that once made this ring up, are gone, along with the center energy stones of the ring.  Sure enough!!

But lets get back to the very standing stone I am hanging out with in the picture.  I placed my back directly against this stone, for the 5 minutes not another person was there with us, to glean some information.  

Instantly I was up in deep space from a wide angle view.  I could see 5 intergalactic hubs or what we would call, space stations.  All the rocks and pyramids are still being monitored from space, from our friends from other realms.  From each station in space, a beautiful sky blue energy field was coming from all 5 hubs at once to every rock formation and pyramid on earth.  Once these energy lines entered earths atmosphere, the closed together almost like the center of an hour glass closes together but still is open.  And then they spread out to connect, like a spider web to each of the formations.  

That was about all I got to receive before people started coming into the Standing Stones area and distorted the communication and I was disconnected.  

I know I mentioned this before, but the greatest thing I learned on this adventure, people can really distort an energy field.  I would see it when people were walking around the stones or when it was just me and Julie and we were stepped back and viewing other parts of the formations, the energy tightens and builds again.

This morning, I am hearing over and over, these places are currently used for energetic monitoring of earth.  For now.

Well, that's all we are going to say about that today!! lol

Starve the old system to death!

In my last (non) reading of the day, I was talking with a precious man who recently set up his life in D.C.  He was talking about how excited he was to read my sharing yesterday and realized that even DC is changing, starting with the Mayor putting people assisted programs in place and so on.  As he and I were talking, spirit came thru with this, I don't know, I will just call it adamance in its energy field saying the only way the old system will fall, is to give it zero attention.  In this way, it starves to death.  

When we are looking at something and declaring it bad, good, a conspiracy whatever, then we are actually feeding its life force, even if it our desire to bring it to light and attempt to change it.  Unless you have a plan of absolute change, give it zero energy.  Allow it to die of starvation.

Focus only on what is growing in Light, in love, in action.  The only true way to live Heaven on earth is to fully BE Heaven on earth in all we think, do and say.  

We are officially one week out from the door closing on the equinox.  If you can imagine, using an image i had found back in august around the lions gate timeline, of the way I see this thick (at least 4 feet thick) solid door closing was thru an image like this place:

lions gate.jpg

(The very second I was downloading this picture, I have no idea what made this sound, but holy heaven it was a super sharp loudness followed my loud cooing.  It sounded like a ground bird, out in the yard.  I turned my flashlight on to look... nothing I could see.)

That we are all on that stone walkway nearing in on the open space, but even at we speak, there is a door that is already closing.  It shuts forever on the 22nd.  If there is any part of you, me, us clinging to old stories, concepts, deep judgement and conditional love, then we will find ourselves on the same side of the doorway we are at right now.  In what we call the old earth, to finish off our life plan and when ready, incarnate in other realms of existence for the continuing process of evolution.  

For those of us find ourselves on the other side, will have the new body template and the energy systems that have laid dormant for era's awaiting for the pure hearts and minds, the masters in body, to rise once again.

We Are Here!!!!

And so will be the 5 Souls walking into the Void with me.  They arrive today!!!  

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the pureness of entering... THE VOID!!

Lisa Gawlas  


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