Entering the VOID and the Illumination of Marijuana!!


This is one of the most difficult sharings I can ever remember starting.  Not because anything is complicated or without words to form into understandings, but because of the shear reverence I feel with each memory, the bounty of Awe to watch us all transform BECAUSE we choose to come together.  To not only witness this all.... The All, in body but also in soul, in body, is more than I could have ever dreamed of experiencing.  To think, we have only concluded day 2!!

I am going to start this ongoing, or maybe the better word to use is the unfolding of understanding (which will take much longer to fully understanding than the passing days so far) with Thursday night.  The night before everyone arrived at the Center.  

At about 11 pm at night, my daughter, still unwinding from her hectic and long (12 hour days) of work was watching TV when suddenly she heard her son repeatedly say the word "ship: over and over again. She finally got up to check on him since he was not drifting back to sleep and there he was, in an impossible place in his room.  He was standing at the foot of his bed, which is surrounded by rather large toys, in a clearing against the wall large enough only for his tiny feet, looking at the wall his headboard connects to, in a sleep trance, repeating, ship, ship, ship.

When she had told me this in the morning, I was so excited.  I know many of us have friends in the stars assisting us, and why not my grandson.  He is a master in a tiny body and has already proven that (not that anyone needs to prove themselves, but for those witnessing the events, it's obvious.)  

Our first night together was so much fun and we were sure to break every preconceived rule around high vibing spiritual gatherings.  The wine and tequila were flowing.  The holy smoke of marijuana was being passed to those who desired its intake and that laughter and the excitement, so evident!!  The pure joy and celebration was already underway!!

Day one, we started stripping down.  We dove deep into the animal farms, the perceptions of the good ones from the bad (mistreated ones) and how we divert the very essence of love to the ones (animals) taking up the hardest slack in life and the negative feelings we have, simply feed the humans already mistreating the animals.  

We coupled this example (heated discussion) with my personal childhood.  I had to have the extreme experiences to become who i was to become.  I made sure I was incarnating in time where child abuse was not really looked at the way it is now, nor was it believed.  Often times, we are so busy yelling injustice that we do not take the moment to see the higher light happening and why and love it thru to its end.

Of course, we had to then shift over to the food we grow and even manipulate (GMO) thru the gardens.  We have several pounds of donuts in the fridge, brought in by one of the loving ladies attending the Workshop.  The love and laughter that was placed around, in and thru those donuts (she bought a bucket... 11 pounds) of donuts, inadvertently, changed their very essence into the greatest donuts on earth.  When we straddled that example with those foods many seek out as organic, and having just had gone vegetable shopping the day prior, I know not all those things labeled organic is wonderful.  When the food handlers are having a bad day, or a heated conversation about stuff, that food is absorbing that energy and sometimes, deadens its qualities.  Forget labels, FEEL the essence of  the food.  No judgments. Not everything is as it appears/is labeled to be!!

When I went to sleep that evening. I passed out into a deep sleep, until 1:11 am when I felt like I was tumbled back into my bed and I woke up, wide freakin awake at 1 in the morning, yet disoriented from being like I was rolled into bed.  As I was laying there, talking to myself, out-loud... suddenly I felt something press against my vocal chords, as if there was a button on them.  Sure enough, that button was just switched to off.  My voice was gone.  HEY!!!  I cannot be without a voice, I have a workshop to continue in the morning!!  Jezuz Christ this in inconvenient!!  Like anyone but me cared in that moment.  I spent the next 3 hours trying to find my way back to sleep and prayed that button reversed itself upon awakening.


I crawled out of bed at 7:30 in the morning, exhausted, coughing, snotting, and wheezing.  I slept for three hours, was awake for three hours and slept again for 3 hours and was totally discombobulated when I woke up.... and deep into voicelessness.  This was supposed to be a day of massage table energy readings and I cannot talk nor breathe!!  

I did a nebulizer treatment. I will be dammed if this day is going to be a blank.  We may have to reschedule the massage table readings and do something else, but we WILL do something else!!

This is a day I learned the true value of a free flowing event.  No preconceived agenda, allowing for the flow of spirit thru activities instead of scheduled events that are no longer needed, at least, not in the way we had scheduled them.  How can we ever be open to new skills and understandings if we simply schedule from the old ways that had worked well, but, are no longer needed.

Before classes started I had to go to the dumpster and  grocery store, and in that drive, I realized that the way I had set up the workshop, was changing in the moment.  I had planned three days of stripping down, three days of the void and then three days of reaping... well, spirit now wanted it to be a weave... like creating the lattice on an apple pie.  One day of stripping and one day of the void then stripping again, the void again.  The one thing I could not understand was what the void time would be like.  I genuinely had no idea, until yesterday as my voice was purposely put into the void.  I will be forever grateful for this inconvenience.

So the morning activities were changed to use less of my voice.  Everyone picked their forever power crystals and as they all were connecting with their crystal, suddenly, each and every participant also had a dragon show up.  Like they had just released a dragon from their crystal.  It was stunning and informative too!!  Then each one went and sought up the tree in the yard that had been waiting for them to arrive.  This was so amazing to watch and listen to their personal connections.  

So as we sat on the back porch talking about all that just happened to each one, one of the participants asked if she could take a toke on the vapor marijuana thingie.  Sure, why not!!  OMG it set off what would be the activities for the rest of the day!!  

On her exhale I could see something that looked like thin, pastel tendrils or spider web like things rising up from her chest, starting to spread out.  I was not seeing that prior to her smoking, but then wham there it was, vivid and clear as day in my vision.  Another toke presented more understanding and visual capacity!!  WOW, who knew!!  

Another lady followed suit, take a toke and holy shit, I could see what I could not see a moment prior.  

Not having a voice made me very aware, hyper aware even, of how deep down in my lungs I pull from when doing readings.  I was exhaustively running out of breath as I shared in whispers what I was seeing and what I was able to understand about it.  We were all in excitement overload and took what was happening to a whole new level of experience of all of us... as well as a whole new level of understandings too.

It was explained (by spirit) that the (geez, I cannot remember the name once again, will have to find it and talk more about it tomorrow) of marijuana slows the vibrational field of the higher energies down enough to become visible (at my personal vibrational level.)  Just so I am not confusing to this, it does not so much slow what is happening, but allows teh vibration of what is happening to slow down enough to be visible.  Until the smoke was inhaled, I seen nothing.  And then wham... holy shit even!!

So we did an experiment.  To the ones that did not smoke yet, could I see that?   No and yes.  I could see at the skin level, but not inside the body.  Once they took a toke on the pipe, I was able to see inside the body too.  Every person was different, not even close to being similar in the energies now permeating and changing their DNA and energy bodies at once.

We played with this for hours until my own personal body was vibrating at such a speed, I could barely handle it.  By that I mean, I was almost forgetting how to make air sounds with my whispering voice.  I could feel my upper body (from the solar plexus up) going into a super fast spin state, and my lower body turning into a wet noodle. The effort it took to produce that whisper was like nothing I had ever been aware of before.  The mind must work the body, the ability to take breath, pull it up thru the vocal chords in such a way it makes words happen.  I was starting to loose that ability because of the high degree of vibration I was in.  

It was also explained that my (all of our) full voice carries particular energies that enhance or change and amplifies the frequencies and that was the reason my voice was purposely turned off.  It was for the greater good of all of us.  

Yesterday was a day I could not ever have fathomed happening, especially at the vibrational level inside and outside of me, understood only by those I was witnessing as they changed and continue to change.  Spirit said yesterday, they will not look today as they did yesterday.  

I came home early, I had to.  I am not sure I was fully blame it on being tired, but more having the hardest time keeping my molecules in tact as a body.  Once I got home, even smoking a cigarette became to much work.  I went to sleep.

This morning all I can think to myself is... this was just freakin day TWO!!  

There is so much more to share, but the harnessing of words to fully explain it all, not quite as here yet as I had hoped.  Maybe in the next sharing I do.  On that note, gotta get ready for day three!!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with nothingness, opening to everythingness!!!

Lisa Gawlas  


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