Terpene's and The Body Templates!


I remember way back when, in my new exciting beginnings on that spiritual form I grew up in, a signature that I closed every post with.  "I just love when unsaid things, become said, in a silent whisper."  I created that phrase from a meditation experience that was exactly that.  Spirit was speaking in silent whispers and the ears (mine of course, opened to all that was being said, silently.)  I share that fond memory because we just closed out day 4 of our workshop and two of those days had me talking in close to silent whispers.  God bless the women for being able to keep up with hearing.  Often times, someone close to me repeats what I just said.

I do find it all extra interesting that the two days without audible voice were the two days massage table readings were scheduled.  The first day gave us a new twist, a marijuana terpenes reading.  Which was so amazing and stunning and incredible to see how those terpenes affected (visually for me) everyone very differently.  The visuals rarely emerged even from the same place, nor were two body visuals anywhere near alike.

I found a wonderful website that explains in detail, terpenes.  It was a foreign word to me until day 2.  I am just going to pull this sentence out from that website linked above:  Like cannabinoids, terpenes bind to receptors in the brain and give rise to various effects.

For me, it equally slowed the vibration of the new energies coming into each lady.  This was not a detriment at all, but a huge plus.  I think we almost looking at it as taking the ultraviolet light that is usually out of our scale of vision, and producing the effect that it is visible for a time.  We were all excited and every lady participated, even those that do not smoke.  Except me of course, I witnessed, not participated.

For those who are not familiar with the word terpenes, it is actually in many things and gives a thing its smell/odor.  What you are smelling from essential oils are the terpenes.  Which has to mean, even just taking a sniff, is affecting you.  Applying the oil on your skin, takes that affect deeper.  

So last night, as I was sleeping soundly, 2:30 in the morning I had my team in my bedroom, it was class time for me, which I was not really please about, at all!!  But hey, since when does spirit care about our sleep requirements!!  

The schooling was on terpenes in the new body template and the counter productive effects it will have on the expanding body.  All essential oils today are designed for the two previous body templates.  What I call the original body and the awakening body.  But NOT the new body template.  

For the last couple years, thru so many readings, spirit had said, its time to reconfigure our essential oils, our rocks, minerals and crystals, the very things that had worked so wonderfully before, that are changing.  Their own essence is changing.  We are changing.  We can and do, alter our vibrations back to the older state when we apply things designed for the original or awakening body template.  

We, as a species, take a lot of things for granted.  Example, the thought of... well it worked so well in my past for X, Y, or Z and it will again.  Nope.  

Actually the very best essence you can use as the body template continues to change and enhance is water.  Plain ole H2o.  In this already active body template, YOU are the god in body, the wizard of the elements, the creator of all you need and desire.  By you tuning the water, you are also matching your own changing vibrations and assisting others with theirs.

Again, all this came in my schooling last night.  Makes me fully realize how I completely forgot to put close to 30 bottles of essential oils in my car when I left Florida!!  

One more thing that was stated to me in my night school.  Something I feel so important as we inch ever closer to that big ass door called the equinox on the 22nd.  My team (as well as yours) have been talking about the closing of this door way, the choosing of the old earth vs the new expanded vibrational earth, for months now.  The only thing I clearly understand was that those who aligned with the old energies, the old stories, and did little to nothing to remove the alignment, simply stay on this side of the door for the denser learnings that come with all that.  Those who are fully focused on the full spectrum of Light inside and outside theirSelf, well, they are on the other side of that door.  There was also something about the last quarter of this year as well.  When we get to put into practice and application our full spectrum of full light... or continue to streamline with some (or all) old stories, and visually, the way I continue to see the last quarter, is like a spiral.  Those carrying to heavier energies of the old (intentionally or unintentionally) will go thru a trap door, I believe to the older earth that in generations to come, will be exist in this expanding realm.  For those that are focused souly on what they can bring forth within themselves and for others... well.... that is something I had not seen until this morning.  We are given the keys to the kingdom.  I hear that, not see it.  

However, I bring all that up to say, for as long as anyone is making a consistent effort to let go, release, unbind to the old stories and energies, that is all that matters and no trap doors will open.

The one thing I am equally sure of (because of how loudly I am hearing it lol) is our readings thru the last quarter, will focus on this information.  With that in mind, I have now opened up all Saturdays thru the end of this year.  (I have had weekends closed off for classes, but the classes will now be in the later afternoon so we can resume weekend readings again.

Also, there is something happening that is out of my control that I seriously dislike, a lot.  After this workshop I will be looking into other programs... the membership program we use makes it appear that I am personally sending out an email if you do not continue to purchase a membership.  I do not.  I do not even have any awareness of who follows thru or who does not, unless you email me.  I have gotten so many emails that is just breaking my heart.  I would never ever ever call you out for that, ever!!  I do not know how to stop it, except by changing the membership program being used.

My blogs will FOREVER be free.  I am not sure how it is being stated on the software, but you do not have to sign up as a member of the Nation to get my sharings.  I hope anywayz!!  Again, changes, they are a coming ;-)  

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of wonder and bliss to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  


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