Holy Congestion Batman!! I Understand......!!!!!


My mind feels like a fully loaded pizza, not one ingredient or topping was left out of the pie and yet, individuating them is still at the impossibility level of experience.  I have sat at this computer several times during these 9 days of the Void workshop, wanting to share and hearing, "you do not understand enough, yet."  So it becomes another blogless day.  So this morning, I sit down with determination to share something.... anything dammit!!  Where does my focus of awareness go??  To the one constant that I have been personally experiencing since the day I left the health clinic and my voice was restored thanx to breezing by a man in a kilt.  My voice resumed but the spirit lube came on strong (head and chest congestion) to this day.  

I am sure that is what everyone wants to hear... all about Lisa's snot!!  But hey, it's holy snot!! lol Believe it or not, as I focus on that one tiny, truly annoying detail, I really can see some of the ingredients sitting on the fully loaded pizza more clearly, with understanding.

The congestion is thick, really, really, thick.  What I am hearing is that when I see a substance in readings that looks and feels like gel, that would be equal to what my congestion not only feels like, but is as well.  I had no idea there were different reasons to the different ummmm frequencies of congestion!!  The super runny, you always need a tissue near your nose, is bringing out a lot of unneeded stuff in the body/energy system.  Like when something springs a leak, its the overflow of what is not needed as what is needed becomes absorbed thru the lube of thinner congestion/mucus.

This thick stuff in my head and chest is absorbing every ounce of new energy/creation energy coming in thru the power of 6 (me and the ladies) and being absorbed.  The coughing and blowing that comes with this, releases not only the excess energies, but also the bits and pieces being discarded by all of us pretty much in each ongoing moment.  When the combination gets too a certain pitch, I instantly go into an asthma like attack, puff on my inhaler and restore balance in the breath we are creating and absorbing together.  

Since the day of the equinox something really bizarre started happening especially with my coughing, mostly once I am home and in bed, which is about the only time I am home.  I am going thru massive coughing episodes, but it is more like I am coughing from three dimensional fields away.  I am not even sure how to put this in understandable words.  My entire sensory system that experiences the cough, to include my hearing... is as if the cough is originating three houses away, the sound is muffled to my ear, the vibration is muffled as it is being pulled closer to this dimensional field that my body occupies.  The strength and time of experiencing the cough, intensifies.

And then, my voice turns off all of its frequencies and I go into whisper mode!!  This has now happened on three different days.  One time in each section (9 days split into 3 days each.)  Yesterday was my voicelessness in these last 3 days.  For me personally, it is a completely frequency reset.  The visual I am getting and makes so much sense now that I understand all of this in a brand new way... is if we look at a vortex or maybe a hurricane, in its spin, both are bringing in more and more energy, expelling what is no longer needed, keeping the higher or newer energies and building itself anew.  OMG I can so get this with the hurricane scenario... when a hurricane goes over land, it's vibration slows down.  It is releasing so much of its energy, as it is designed to do, that until it gets back over the warmer waters to rebuild, it appears to be falling part.  However, if the hurricane enters colder waters, it completely (appears) to fall apart and loose its punch.  We all know that anything once created can never cease to be,  It is just so much more widely distributed it is no longer seen or experienced the way it was.

Holy freakin shit (it is no incredible to understand oneself... finally!!! lol) I released myself from my kids, from my everything in June 2010 and moved 2000 miles away to New Mexico.  I truly was in search of me without all the other things that surround/identify me.  8 months after arriving in New Mexico, melanoma started growing on my back, just under my right scapula. My reach for life and all my relationships....  

2012 I moved into the Jemez mountains, entered menopause and discovered that that bizarre and ugly thing growing consistently on my back for 2 years now was stage 3c cancer.  3c.... 33.

  Thru that year, we also opened/fully activated the vortex the guardians kept guard over... the energy of shambhala.  The guardians were at the top of the Mesa known as Our Lady of Guadalupe mesa, my backyard.  

Even tho the guardians that were there started re-partnering with their human incarnations (yeah, that would be you) I became the living vortex.  Which is why my entire body system changed thru menopause.  We cut out the cancer, I developed asthma like symptoms that allow me to be very much aware any time there is a massive uptick in the frequencies that permeate the airspace of earth and myself.  

Three days before I left for Scotland I started having chronic asthma attacks, and all the way thru my grand adventures thru Scotland.  The last day there, my voice went out, the snot accumulated and for 6 days after my return, I was flat out and voiceless.  The one thing I knew for sure, I absorbed some of the purest energies while in Scotland, untainted by layers upon layers of human consciousness and some, even brand spanking new to this realm.  

Now, all that said and finally (speaking to myself lol) understood, what we have been doing intensely these last 8 days, is gathering up the debris in the collectives we all originated from and started spewing energies out, getting to the void then breathing out the new energy all in the same freakin day, all day long!!!  

So this morning, as I am looking at my congestion, I am also seeing the collectives as well.  Keeping in mind I/we break the collectives into several main steams of understanding.  The fear collective, the awakening collective, the christ consciousness, the shambhala and with this year, the godhead.  There has always been a distinct line pattern that I had seen and understood separating (if you will) the collectives, one from the other.  This morning, with our work, your work, the storms, earthquakes and volcanoes, all the individuated collectives have massive holes in them now.  I also see these tears with the storms within each collective, like the most turbulent oceans, raging upwards with its waters, bringing higher frequencies down into the depths of creation. 

With all that said, I even see that big, thick ass wall that closed on the equinox, and way at the bottom, pressure is building... a leak could spring from those who are willing to go down deep... way down deep, and explode in such a release, you moved thru the wall!!

A brand new beginning is Now Here and baby, it is YOU!!!  The Living Vortex of Creation, if you dare!! 

Ohhh these readings are going to be interesting when we re-emerge on the field again.  

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) filled with the vortexes of Light thru the All to the All!!

Lisa Gawlas  


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