Living at (and thru) the Change Level of Life Unfolding.


I am officially road weary.  I am so tired of coughing, my chest and throat hurting, my voice dancing in the ether's and barely coming back for a visit before it zooms away again.  This has been my constant since I woke up at 3 am on August 30th, to leave Scotland.  I continue to be in this place, intensified, 27 days on!  There is no doubt in my heart, given the information I woke up with this morning, my team felt me start to raise the white flag yesterday.  

My vision was in my chest wall, center of my lungs and coughing.  What was shown to me was this expanding starburst of energy.  The focal point (largest one) spread out about 2 feet from my chest outwards.  The color spectrum was a dirty white or white-gray, no variations of colors at all.  At the end of each strand that was spreading out was something like a pea sized ball or BB.  Sort of lookign like this, minus the blue or the night sky.


Then I was shown several much smaller starbursts as well.  I heard a voice explain to me that the smaller ones are inert material and the larger ones are the reason I am taking up this massive challenge in body,  Pulling directly from spirit, higher energies that the biology is assimilating in real time and distributing to the DNA frequencies as well as the airspace.  

I was also reminded (many times since this way of assimilating started in my body since 2012) that it is as important for me to understand the changes inside the body at my own level of experience as it is to witness them from the field.  I have to giggle right now as I am remembering my teams sermon (smile) they just now called me an audiator.  A what??  Are we making up words again??  I headed to goggle: AUDIATOR Converter is a powerful audio and video management, conversion tool for android, which convert any audio, any music , audiobook , ringtone , records in any length and with a variety of options.

I have to giggle, the audio (all our old stagnant stories) and video (the memories we hold them in.)  The conversion happens thru the readings, the conversations and OMG in person events!!  I look at these 5 freakin amazing women, aged 33-76 and as different from each other as different can get and all allowed me to push their conversion buttons.  Then they started to push each others.  And change... individually and collectively.  The "I can'ts" turned into the I AM's. We Are!!  

 Thru our amazing time together, I was able to see glimpses of the new body template thru each woman.  I must admit, the ability to see these changes at the light frequency level was enhanced by the terpenes of cannabis one day, and try as I might, I could not really have that experience again.  I knew that it was because everyone was in such a high state of change, it would be like looking at the snow channel and trying to make sense of all the dots/chaos.  

This morning, as all the experiences become a little more clearly understood, I also understand that we can look at this process of the new body template coming in like the stages of a baby from conception to birth.  First it is a series of cells merging, then a zigot, then a fetus and so on.  We are too.  Unlike the baby, we are consciously allowing or disallowing the process.  Our thoughts and actions as well as our allowance or disallownaces, are key!!

Not everyone is going to have a physical body that feels like it may explode in any moment, but if you do, honor it and what is happening at the biological level of change.  This is really where the phrase "know thyself" becomes invaluable as well as hearing and understanding our teams in spirit and the unseen world assisting us.  

Yesterday has been the hardest day in my body and my mind wobbles to the memory of my father, mother, maternal aunt dying of lung cancer and my maternal sister having parts of both lobes of her lungs removed due to lung cancer all within the last 3.5 years.  My albuterol inhalers did nothing to assist me yesterday, even my nebulizer was slacking in helping me.  I have never done 3 nebulizer treatments in one day, ever, until yesterday.  Walking any distance or laughing, puts my lungs into a tail spin.  

With yesterday (this morning is not much easier) being so out of my control, my biggest concern when I went to sleep was.... lung cancer.  If we are there, I need to be proactive.  So my team woke me up with the vivid awareness (what I mentioned in my last blog) of pulling energies from other dimensions thru into this one and then waking with the starburst/coughing understanding.  Equally understanding the inert level of energy too (like the propellant used in the albuterol inhaler) sometimes allows things to grow within its useful material (like bronchitis.)  

I decided to head to goggle to see if there are any more hurricanes happening and came across this headline:  September 2017 Was the Most Active Month on Record for Atlantic Hurricanes

Couple that with the earthquakes, volcano, other storms, sun activity, I truly feel in harmony with life this morning, not out of harmony like I went to bed feeling.  ALL is changing!!  

The last night of our Void workshop, the ladies heard a cow mooing thru the night, which is really unusually since they are all put in the barn at night.  The moo sounded like the cow was in distress and was in the field next to them.  The morning light revealed the birth of a brand new baby calf.  The cow was in labor!!  


Cows can teach us about the home and community and the joy, contentment therein. Cows aid us in realizing to be easy going and live in the moment. They show us about love and connections at work and home. Cow also may demonstrate how to eat properly. Are eating enough fruits and vegetables? Are you happy at home? Cow can teach how to make those changes that are needed to balance to the joy in your surroundings.

Thru the 9 days of stripping down and expanding into the new, Life reflected the work that had been done... a brand new baby was born.  The ladies call it the rainbow baby (the rainbow tribe is now in body, FULLY!!!)

Yesterday, on the few occasions I came out to the back porch, spirit made sure all I needed to see and understand, happened.  Something I had never seen before.... a beautiful monarch butterfly was being chased or followed by at least 15 smaller butterflies at its tail!!  Then a whole flock of various birds descended and ascended from the yard, and then several hummers started chasing each other around in front of the porch.  It was all about group harmony.  The unified field IS!!!

Forgive me for still finding my own unified field.  I have done nothing with emails (reading or responding) or mailing out the next batch of crystals yet.  It is one main reason why my sharings have been sparse, I just don't have the energy needed.  Today tho, my team asked me to share about the starbursts, to help others understand what may be happening within themselves as well.  

I am going to attempt to read today tho.  I am so chomping at the bit to compare the energies from in person to the field.  Also, a reminder I opened up Saturday appointments again.  With my daughter moving into her own home this weekend, I will more than likely adjust my days off so that both Saturday and Sundays are reading days and take my days off during the week like I had been doing.  

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of expansion at the bone level of creation thru the ALL!!! 

Lisa Gawlas  


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