The March and September Tsunami Equinoxes Opens to the Last Quarter Whirlpool of 2017.


What a whirly twirly time we are in!!  Finding the words to explain it all, is even more challenging than ever.  I will start with the intimately familiar (smile,) my body.  Which can translate to, our bodies!!  

The first day back in the field after our transforming 11/9 day workshop did not go off as I had planned (does anything ever, really?? lol)  About 30 minutes before my first appointment was to be started, I went into a long asthma-like coughing gag for close to 20 minutes, blowing my voice out of course.  I had already seen and understood the night prior that some unwanted things floating around the airspace inadvertently get in to the moisture rich environment that now make up my sinuses and lungs and that extra help is needed to clear it up.  My mind pressed images of going to the clinic for the help, and I decided I could energetically do it myself.  

With these asthma-like symptoms starting in earnest three days prior to me leaving for Scotland, I have been become refined in my ability to gather air molecules into my lungs to get me thru each albuteral inhalation (every 4 hours.)  So I decided to not do the clinic and did my couch instead.

My voice only returned, barely, when I picked my grandson up from day care.  This is now becoming commonplace (the semi-restoration of my voice in Rune's presence.)  But the nights are hell, physically speaking in relationship to the coughing.  I suppose spirit must be thinking, well she is awake now anyway, lets get deeper understandings into her mind as she coughs and gasps for new breath.  I get more real rest during the days than I do during the nights.  Dammit!!  

So when I woke up yesterday for the last time, I was not completely surprised that I was once again, completely voiceless when attempting my first reading.  We won't even mention the lung spasms just trying to say hello.  

My mind pressed so hard on my field of vision with the clinic and calling now, I finally gave in and called.  The last time I tried to get an immediate appointment I was scheduled for a week and a half out, so imagine my surprise when they asked if I could come in now.  I happened to have a 3 hour gap until my next appointment... perfect, I hopped in my car and went now.  Even more startling was the fact that I was immediately seen too, and they already had a full waiting room.  

I was given the option of either taking steroids in pill over days form or a one time shot.  Since it was explained the shot is immediate that's what I want.  Within 30 minutes my voice popped thru my vocal chords, energy was returning to my biology, the congestion was parting.  Freakin heaven!!!  

On my drive home, even with the restoration of my energy, voice and body, I pondered if I had done the right thing.  My body released to my field of vision this stunning design just infront of my chest, just outside of my body:

steriod swirls.jpg

The image didn't have that many spirals, and was in color, but close enough to get the knowing that that steroid shot was exactly what my body wanted and needed for assistance.  It really allowed the energy to release and expand.  Once I got home and waited for the reading time to happen, every single cell in my body was emanating joy.  Our bodies are as conscious participants in this journey as we are!!!  It will exude gratitude thru you when you do what it needs and not what we think we need or can do in place of anything.

OK, I must be clear here, my voice was much more akin to a squeaky toy than my actual voice, but hey, as long as the person on the phone can hear what I am saying, lets squeak together!!!

Before I change to the readings and the understandings coming thru there, I want to first talk about something my team explained to me when I read comment post to my above mentioned steroid experience and then they expanded on it all freakin night.

The comment:  Imagine the cedar and pollen as healing, instead of something to worry about, in advance. You are a Creator Being, Honey.... Do the lungs of the All too (wink)

Of course we were also talking about the upcoming ceder season here in Texas, pollen to the hilt!!  I was (by my team) reminded of the sharing I did a few days back about our bodies producing congestion to protect against too many inert ingredients moving into the body system, like a filtering system.  Take in what is needed and expel the rest.  For me that is coughing, blowing and wheezing.

Once I remembered that, my team showed me (and really explained this part last night, all night long) that if we look at our individual bodies as one part in a long film strip.  Wait, I have a visual: 


I colored my part, yellow.  Each one of us that is fully allowing the changes to take place at the deepest DNA/biological level, would each be one part of the film strip.  We are breaking down the stories, slicing up the individual part that story captured on film (in our collective earth histories) and releasing the emotions and even most of the memories around it all, it would truly be our Creator Being's that are at the helm.  It becomes the personality of the ego that wants to stop the process in any way and be proactive in its needs of assistance.

In a separate post, someone talked about taking some sort of essential oil.  Again, I was reminded of a sharing that stated clearly that our essentials that have been created work so well with the first two body templates and not the third, the one that is coming online now.  

My team, in my midnight session, explained that there is this herd mentality everywhere we go.  Once something is brought into consciousness, it is difficult to break it up, even in what is called the light workers realm.  This is one of the many reasons it will take a full generation or two to fully live the new Light of Gaia in body.

The audio and video of everything we know, knew to be true, is changing.  

This is a perfect place to bring in the information from the two readings I squeaked thru yesterday.  My first lady was so funny.  She was standing in front of my porch, arms crossed, face kinda looking a bit pissed off and the energy was stating "I am so tired of waiting and waiting."  Her dress was an indigo blue color, denoting her full on expression (what we once knew as the throat chakra.)  

It was explained to her, to us, that from March 2017 (amplified in earnest at the equinox) thru September 2017 (again, amplified and mostly solidified at the equinox) created a massive shake up, shake out, destruction of the energies on this planet, to include of course, in our whole body systems.  As we close out the rest of September, major spiritual street sweepers are still working overtime.  Removing old energies on every level of Life in this realm called earth.  

I found a great image to straddle the 6 month equinox sandwich with the last quarter of 2017.  Spirit vividly showed us these last 3 months will be like a oblong (not circular) whirlpool of energy, taking out anything that does not stand clear in the new energies thru what looks to me like a trap door.


This image is of a true whirlpool that was created during the 2011 Japan Tsunami, which really heightens my understandings, at least, in words, of what I am trying to say.  

March to September could be looked at as a massive, multi-collective, energetic and matter in form, tsunami.  We can even look at September as the massive spiritual street cleaners working overtime to release and even wipe out, more and more of the lingering energies.  

As we enter October, those of us still standing form that red oval.  The oval takes up the entirety of the last quarter of 2017.  So get out of thinking linearly.  We are creating the new bands of the new life system on earth.  We must be as solid as we are flowing in our allowance of how any of this is going to unfold.  Those who cannot stand firm, will ride the energies of the whirlpool to the center, which is where that trap door I keep seeing, is located.  They will simply go back to the original earth where the old stories are still playing out and continue their evolution thru those cycles.

With this understanding thru my first reading, came the energy of some people, places, stuff, getting thinner in our energy fields as they cannot or will not fully hold the new and they swirl to the center of the whirlpool, while others become thicker (energy wise) in our placement of our film strips analogy.

As we can see from the above picture, the tsunami of change is still trickling into the whirlpool of change and they will overlap and continue thru the last of this year.  Many, still solid in their old ideas, are well, lets just say in the background behind the red oval.  What that means to them, I have no idea, not yet anywayz.  I do feel tho, they would be the cleanup crew of the old/original earth as I think about my one lady who choose to stay in the old constructs of her life.  

My second and last lady was incredible to look at and feel.  It wasn't until after our reading was done did I realize how much she resembled that swirly pattern from my lungs, only much more detailed, intense and from head to toe.  

crystal forms.jpg

To be clear, there was no tree involved, nor were the swirly things this cluttered.  That said, she was inside this pattern and the balls at the end of each swirly pattern were all round faceted clear crystals, cut like swarovski crystals.  Inside each crystal was a nucleus that I could see.  It was explained that each one of nucleus energies aligned with her changing molecules inside her body.  The reflected like was bouncing off all the external facets and permeating the outer field, an area about 5 feet around her body.  Massive changes inside and outside that are still in the works.  They are forming new magnetic fields that will extend outwards from her inner most energy field (that 5 feet area) to attract her next version of her new soul blueprint.  It was explained that this light fusion should be finished about mid October.  Even then, it becomes more of an orientation time than anything else.

For both ladies yesterday, we got a glimpse into 2018.  This is really when the big show starts in earnest.  But the details, as of right now... not in form yet.

Big big (((((HUGZ))))) of Tsunami clearings and crystalline calibrations thru the ALL!!! 

Lisa Gawlas  


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