From Explosion to Contracting. Ohhh These Wild Changing Energies In and thru Us!!

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Once again, I was only able to do half of my first reading (15 minutes instead of the full 30) yesterday and nothing the rest of the day as I exploded into chaos from the lungs outwards again.  That is, until I found the prednisone my mother had and I had forgotten I brought with me.  Merry Christmas to me!!!  Within an hour, the congestion in my lungs parted, air flowed easily, I could reach the bottom of my lungs with ease and close to zero coughing... bless you prednisone for blessing me!!  At least, until the evening came...

That is enough about me, for a moment anywayz, lets get to my amazing man in the field!!  I do want to point out as well, my beautiful man also lives in Ireland.  I don't know what it is about Ireland, but when I think of it I think of fairys and gnomes and stuff, maybe too many lucky charms commercials lol.  

As we started the connection and my lungs went straight into convulsions from the onset, I was able to get a visual started.  My verbal cue to the universe is "let's get your party started," and the field usually ignites with visuals at that point.  I think his team took the request a little too literal, because instantly him and his new spiritual team were in the field, hands interlinked with each other, in circle formation, dancing clockwise rhythmically.  I couldn't help but giggle and let me tell you, laughter is not my friend these days.  Cough, Cough, gasp...  

The circle consisted of him, as they stated it, the one in biological form.  One was of the crystal and rock spirits, one was of the "devic sect," and the other, which created intense coughing any time I connected to him/her individually was of the earth elements spirit.  A very important, individual and combined energy formation bringing in and thru higher consciousness of the 4 as one.  This energy was evident as their joyful circle rotated thru the whole reading and each time a set of interlinked hands aligned with my straight on visual field, it released an massive energy (from the linked hands) and had me coughing, again.

Interesting, these amazing Beings are very much present at this moment and showing me something that I feel will help us all visually understand what is completely underway right now.  If we can look at this first image as the expanded, higher frequency, expanding earth consciousness breaking apart (open) all that is on the original earth, it would look something like this:


Everything in every realm is fracturing or creating fissures of release of old energies while new energies move in at the same time of release.  

Even tho the effect is coming from the top down, it is the bottom up that has the most profound experiences with these energy rips.  Think about the intense pressure the bottom floor would feel as everything pressed heavily downwards.  This next image may help the visual understanding more:


Don't look at the image with bigger to smaller in mind, but more of concentrating itself, energy wise.  The purer the energy, the thought-forms, the more potent they are.  Which really means it takes a few people coming in from unconditional love to shift an entire city of fear!!

With all that in mind, the elements must be concentrated as well, along with everything else in created life.  If H2o becomes H3o, we must adjust at the physical level of change and assimilation.  Then, understand its new quantity and how to use it.  That is where the information about the essential oils comes in that I talked about a few blogs ago.  Everything has changed... is changing, including us humans.  ESPECIALLY us humans!!!  And yet, we are the only ones fighting to remain the same... ok, that's unfair, not everyone.  But a good majority are having a hard time letting what they knew well, go.

Now, I am going to completely change the subject because I have something hanging in the forefront of my mind that needs sharing and a longer view of understanding too.

One of the amazing ladies participating in the Into the Void Workshop discovered her ability to read the body and energy field.  My precious daughter came in one day and became a volunteer to help my lady expand beyond us and really validate her amazing... FREAKIN AMAZING skills!!  

I was sitting on the couch watching as my daughter layed on the massage table and my precious lady snaked her energy down thru my daughters crown into her body and hit a nauseating energy instantly.  I knew what that was!!  Her relationship with her father (who passed about 10 years ago.)  

That poking into that tightly held in energy brought her father to the table side instantly, which really shocked me.  I have had zero connection with him even while living with my daughter until my lady opened the portal for this connection.  

It would be an understatement to say that my oldest daughter left my house at 9 years old and entered her own hell as she took up permanent residence under her father (I gave up my parental rights at that time... long story, doesn't matter for this sharing.)  As he stood next to his daughter the remorse I could feel flowing from his entire Being truly shocked me, my own tears almost started flowing.  However, it is what he said, really took the cake of shock to a whole fully level of understanding.  He was sure to change my words into his direct quote to her "I am so sorry for the life I took from you."

She had only lived with him for about  a year before he put her in jail, juvenile detention and then psych hospitals associated with that institution and refused to allow her and I to see each other or talk with each other again.  

This really hit home for me because again, going to one of my biggest pet peeves in people saying "everything is happening as it is supposed to be" or "I am exactly where I am supposed to be."  Bullshit!!  Don showed me with every ounce of his energy system that we stray so far from the path we planned out that the remorse of harm carries thru onto the other side of the veil.  

For the first time ever, I listened to my daughter talk about her father yesterday when we rented a moving van to shift her from my house to her house, with genuine love in her field.  There truly is a new shiny part of my daughter that was birthed the day Paula streamed her energy into my daughter and release the nausea into love.  

When it comes to working with people in our direct path, such as with my daughter and the trauma of her childhood, I alone, am too close to shift the energy, but what can be viewed as an outsider in the story has amazing ability to part the red sea!!!  We really are a team sport.  Not to be isolated and working alone, but with and thru each other.  Shifting worlds, shifting hearts into the higher frequencies of love, together.

You have done this for me and mine so many times over the years.  When spirit, or our departed loved ones, wants to help, they use us, the dearly incarnated to move the mountains needed.  

Let me circle back to my Irish man from yesterday.  His circle team stated, he is the most important part of the circle I was seeing BECAUSE he is in physicality and has more power and magic, when understood thru his helpers, than they have alone, without him.

I want to also circle back to me again lol, cuz it is all about me at the end of the day, right?? lol

On September 1st my daughter broke the news to me that she now had a rabbit living in the home with us.  In that moment, I began my explosions inside.  Done, one of us is vacating the living space into the other I had been renting for months. Who moves where, I don't care.  Obviously she chose the center, which really was the most perfect choice.  Thru this entire month, we started shifting her stuff up there, little by little and yesterday, her and the animals slept in their new home for the first night.  There is so much light and joy that is just bouncing off of her and my little grandson Being there yesterday, OMG is was wonderful to experience.  

But lets really look at what all of you have done for this tiny family.  It wasn't even a year ago she was homeless and penniless in California.  Her life completely deconstructed, again, but with a baby in tow.  YOU came her her rescue on so many levels.  Giving these two strangers safe refuge in your love and assistance.  Getting them from California to her home-base of Texas.  Then I got a giant sized nudge to sell my mothers home and come here to Texas for a while, which too, changed everything... EVERY THING, for them, for me and for you/all of us.  The Nation was born and continues to evolve.  I feel like I have evolved in this one month of September as much as I had in the 5 years I lived in the Jemez in New Mexico.  

I can almost feel myself coming back together this morning.  New, different... and clueless as to what that even means, but excited to find out.  This last quarter of 2017 gives us all the opportunity to reform ourselves differently than ever before.  Thru this moment, we have worked really hard at creating an inner and outer soul partnership with ourSelfs, crucially important of course.  Now, it is time to create in full on experience, soul partnerships at the created levels of life, with and thru each other, consciously and exponentially.  Gonna be interesting to see how that plays out!! lol  Spirit does have a trick up its sleeve I suppose.  Because I am being asked to adjust one of my ongoing forever specials.  The three for two packages.  Who am I to say no??

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of new magic in new ways to and thru ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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