The Fires and Floods, the Full Moon and Our Alignments!

Happy full moon of September everyone!!  Since the Solar eclipse of August, the universe seems to have turned the energies up to high and things are starting to boil, all over the world.  Should any of us be surprised, no, not really.  Spirit had been calling this eclipse a guillotine for a month before it came into Being.  Spirit has also said thru that time, there will appear to be no mercy.  What must get done, MUST get done!!  

I think, we humans can have short term memory loss, speaking directly from my own self experience.  I remember several weeks before I moved from New Mexico to go live and take care of my estranged mother of 20 years.  I seen vividly me feeding her ice chips at the end of her life.  I knew there would be no Christmas together, even tho I was heading out in July.  There was a strong possibility that I would not celebrate her 73rd birthday on Sept 21st, the energy field I was leaning into was close to non existent.  My mother passed away Oct 3rd.  I completely forgot all this once I got to Florida.  

Maybe we, as a species have a built in denial mechanism.  The thing that keeps our daily life, normal.

The solar eclipse trekked across the USA, pacific to Atlantic, cutting the landscape in half.  Now we are seeing the afterglow of western half the USA on fire and the eastern half enduring hurricanes and floods.  And we are far from over!!!

Hell, if we just look at the field itself before we got to August, 9 fires of purification followed by the 5 crystalline (fires) waters that flooded the ground as we entered August.  We were shown in detail (I had no idea it would be more literal than figurative) what was... is to come.  What is Here, Now.

This week of silence has allowed to be see something I would really not pay much attention to, the way collectives form.  Magnetic fields of resonance attracting each other and forming living energy systems.  Most of the new collectives I am seeing, centered all around this weather, is fear.  Fear the government was trying to wipe out Houston.  Fear of the new cleansing system called Irma.  Fear of the fires spreading.  Oddly enough, I hadn't seen much fear around the devastating flooding taking place on he other side of the world.  No one is saying governments are trying to wipe out South Asia.  Why not??  The floods in S. Asia killed 1200 people!!  Harvey... 60!  

Mama has cleaned house many times over her existence.  So far, this time around, its rather gentle!!  IMHO anywayz.

If we only truly understood our inner and outer magnetic power, we would all be linking into her power instead of trying to squelch it or especially fear it.  

Now that we have Harvey (almost) behind us and Irma is kicking up her heals out in the Atlantic, the energy out there in people land, astound me.  The energies of the earth are not looking at the attention as being fearful or loving, it is gathering because so much attention is placed there.  Can I just advise... Honor thy mother, she knows more than we will ever hope to.

So today is the full moon. What a powerful moon she is too!  I woke up the (early) morning of the 4th to the most brilliant yellow moon I had ever seen.  Yesterday when I awoke, it was intensely orange.  Let me tell ya, I about shit this morning when it was a fiery red!!  

The energies of this moon (and all that intense sun activity) comes in thru the solar plexus, moves into the sacral and then to the root.  Our power (solar plexus) reconfiguration at our sense of self (sacral) and completing our next growth phase of life (root) as we ready for the equinox on the 22nd.

Since my return from Scotland, my own energy systems have had both fires and floods in them.  The coughing has been burning the hell out of my chest and throat, cutting off any sense of voice I tried to use.  Coming home to find yet another animal living in my house, one that I clearly stated I was not willing to have, opened the flood gates of cleansing.  My daughter, grandson and all the critters will be moving into the retreat center as of October 1st.  It oddly feels like when I got divorced, I gave my (now ex) husband everything I had in the house that he wanted.  I am doing the same with my daughter.  I will end up with my 70" TV and a bean bag to watch it upon!!  And it feels soooooo freakin good!!!

I also decided to go to the local medical clinic here to check on my own well being.  This energy system is lasting a lot longer than I anticipated it would in my body, I gotta make sure I am not out of my own alignment thinking it was simply all the intake of new energies from scotland.  Since talking on the phone hurts my throat more than anything (too much forced voice to be audible) I drove to the clinic, thinking surely they would take me as a walk in, considering... nope.  A week and a half from now I have an appointment.  So I went to the nearest grocery store to get me the fixings for chicken soup.  

As I was cruising the isles of the grocery store, I about shit when I came across a man, somewhere in his 30's, wearing a green kilt!!  OMG!!!  He was talking to an older gentleman by the egg's section.  I so wish I had my camera in my hand instead of my purse.... if I had a voice to talk with, I would have explained my excitement and awe to him and asked to take a picture.  But none of that was happening.  By the time I was able to get my camera out of my purse and into the ready (on the sneak) he was gone.  I searched isle by isle looking for him again, nowhere to be found.

The one thing I knew was being stated...  I am not paddling in a canoe of denial and the energy system breaking ground thru my chest and throat, is indeed a Scottish thing!!!

Within moments of leaving the store, my voice went from a whisper to sounding like a bull frog.  Last night was the first time since I came home that I actually slept thru the night instead of hacking up my lungs all night.  This morning, I have most (not all) of my voice back.  I still sound bull frog-ish, with cracks and croaks, but I know with everything inside of me, today ends the storms within me.  

Chicken soup and a man in a kilt, the greatest medicine on earth!!

There is a tremendous energy in the air today, I can feel it with every ounce of my Being.  Use it for your greatest good.  For humanities greatest good.  Be mindful and heartful of what collective you are aligning yourself with.  The door closes on any and all second chances on the 22nd!!

Seems kinda fitting that today, the full moon day, I start sharing from my website instead of wordpress.  New beginnings, new energy pathways all around!!! <3 

I love you all so incredibly much and miss the freakin hell out of you too!!  I know when we connect to the field again (probably tomorrow) it will be like nothing we have ever seen before.  I pray I have the language and understanding to explain it as we go!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of rip roaring energies bringing new Light to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  All of September is a Crystalline kind of Month in giveaways!!!

  • All new and renewing full members of the Nation will receive 5 crystals that had journeyed with me to Scotland.  (Please email me your mailing address)
  • All reading purchases will receive 3 sister crystals (they stayed home, but are fully connected to the ones I brought with me.)  I will use your paypal address unless otherwise notified.

We left many crystals buried at many of the standing stone and sacred sites thru out Scotland.  Including the ocean and water ways.  I will get a complete list of the power grid ares we created and share it (the names)  in my next blog and on the website.



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