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The Bounty of Choices, of Changes, of New Beginnings!! Or Not!

...everyone has choices that were disguised to my eyes. We, as a human, want to know what we are getting into, before we get into it. It is our choice to start with a clean slate, pull only the wisdom that benefits you to your current creations and leave fear and the what if's alone.

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Our Field of Life, Karma and Creation, in Detail!

Keeping in line with the chess board, I, nor you, cannot make a choice, at any given time, that does not affect the whole world. Imagine that!! That is a massively interconnected playing field!! Equally, this is how we change the world by changing ourselves!

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WE ARE The Living Stream of Light Changing the World!

Those who use Love to fuel their lives become more loving. Those who use Fear to manage their lives become more afraid. ~ Ken Carey

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