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Our Intergalactic Friends Solidifying the Higher Energies In and Thru Us.

When new energy meets the existing energy, the energy changes just like when a sperm meets an ova. Because we actually breathe this air, this energy, there was/is a lot happening in the quantum realm of space, our atmosphere of space, and into the human DNA as well.

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Our Changing, Enhancing Biology, and the Value of the ET Implants, Innoculations and More!!

But beyond that, these lovingly, purposely inserted devices also were to enhance our inner abilities. To raise the frequency of those not aligned to fear from the inside out, turning on the higher abilities all humans are born with. Fear however, defuncts these gifts.

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The Great Purification Is Underway, Next, The Great Void...and then....??!!

Your life, and any choices you may be in right now or soon to come, the end result should be joy, excitement, opportunities to grow in new ways. Upliftment of yourself and others. ...Then there is the other side, that sadly I had seen so clearly yesterday too. Reactive and filled with self (small s there) engorgement, with no concern for anyone or anything outside of yourself...

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