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A dimensional Shift, The New Moon and Our Orientation thru OurSelf's.

What was explained to her that the energy packets beneath the earth moved to untapped areas on earth. Fresh area's, hidden from most of humanity's view so nothing is interfered with. Those that need to use those energies (as opposed to thinking they need to fix them) will be relocated.

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Orienting YourSelf to the MultiDimensional Field of Life and So Much More!!!

Her triplets also emphasized to STOP grounding. You take yourself out of the multidimensional field when she (or anyone) does that. Now it is all about staying centered in many dimensions at once. Truly living as our multidimensional self, but with full awareness of it all.

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The Power, The Magic, The Amazing YOU!!

What I find so incredible is because you and I have chosen to shift, to change the energy of the world we live in, that too, has changed the energy of the worlds that surround us too. We cannot change ourselves without it changing the entire make up of the universe. Talk about the butterfly effect on steriods!! And now, we draw higher consciousness to us as well.

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