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The Bounty of Choices, of Changes, of New Beginnings!! Or Not!

...everyone has choices that were disguised to my eyes. We, as a human, want to know what we are getting into, before we get into it. It is our choice to start with a clean slate, pull only the wisdom that benefits you to your current creations and leave fear and the what if's alone.

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Change - Sleep Patterns - In-Spirations!! (HA!! In-Spirit-Actions)

When we allow ourselves to inhale the light of life, your LIFE is the exhale. Light in motion. Light is abundant in ALL ways. Light is magnetic in ALL ways. The source of creation will never inspire you to do a thing that isn't already supported by Life itself. Don't go up into the mind, just... DO IT!! and Trust!!! Breathe more and trust more and watch the magic unfold! Re-member... YOU ARE THE MAGICIAN!!!

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The Fear Collective - The Awakening Collective - The Christ Consciousness Collective and the Changes.

It's easy to be in the first two collectives and be outspoken, displaying themselves outwards. This third collective tho, the Christ Consciousness... not so much. We tend to look for others of like minds and share only to the places that appear safe harbor, with each other. That has served us well, until now.

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