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The Full Moon Melding 3 into 1.

What we are in now is the energy of the full moon, enhancing and amplifying all these energies. Primarily as inner feelings, inner inspirations and even, inner disconnects, releasing old blueprint nodes as the new ones settle in and expand.

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The Source of ALL Power, ALL Life is Ready to Play!!!

when you fully embody the bits and peaces of that which you connect to, and LIVE it, all your guides, teachers, avatars fade away into the only truth that IS. YOU are the embodiment of God made manifest.

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The Encodings of the Whole Body "Ruby Slippers" Underway!!

And so these energies of December, the last blast of 2016, is not only fusing the ruby slippers into the WHOLE body, but aligning their magic and abilities into the expanding consciousness of each person, for the true arrival into the magical, mystical Emerald City as we transverse into 2017. It is crucial that we all SEE and LIVE thru the energy of the heart (the green glasses.)

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