The Spiritual Body

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There is not a creation on earth that does not have a spiritual body co-existing within its physical make-up; however, the human race is the only creation on earth that has forgotten about the very thing that is life - that is you!  Without the spiritual body no-thing would or could exist.  Lets take a moment to understand what the spiritual body is; also known by some as the soul.  The spiritual body is a massive network of highly intelligent energy.  When I say network, I mean just that.  You have the core of the spiritual body which wraps around your physical body and streams outwards with every other thing in existence.  When you allow your eyes to see this energy it looks like a massive highway of light strings that is connected to every things in all of existence.  


There is no "form" to the spiritual body, and contrary to popular belief, does not exist inside of the body.  This massive intelligent, loving electrical force houses the body, which means it wraps itself around the physical body and sends prompting's into the physical body which runs the electrical information up to the mental body.  The spiritual body is tethered to the physical body at the solar plexus (just under the rib cage).  You can look at this tether as an umbilical cord so to speak.  This is also where we get our so called "gut feelings" from, the soul prompting's of your next move in life.  The soul energy moves in and out of the physical body, what I refer to as the dance of life and that dance is felt by every living person thru their life.




There is a process so beautiful, so amazing which brings us into the physical realm of existence.  First, the ovum and sperm join together.  Their connection together causes a series of events that bring a new human being into form.  On the higher levels of existence (in the spiritual realm) a soul is preparing to unite with the now developing human.  As the new human life begins to grow and develop its nervous system the spiritual body, the soul, is preparing its first descent to unite with this new life form that will be the source of its physical experience.


Once the nervous system is highly functional (for the souls purpose, not the life's purpose) the soul starts to blend with this new creation.  Most souls, at least ones that have had many prior experiences with joining with a physical body (had many many lifetimes here on earth) do not descend thru the realms of existence (come to earth) until the baby itself is about 6-7 months along in the gestation process.  This too is contrary to popular belief which is when a baby is first conceived it has a soul within it.  Not true.  There is little the soul energy can do as the baby itself is developing.  


As the baby is developing, the baby is aware of itself.  The soul energy moves into the new life thru the mothers solar plexus and starts to get to know this tiny little life.  It puts a small about of its energy into the baby, and allows the baby to get to know the soul energy itself.  You can look at this very much like the first time two strangers meet and get to know each other.  As the baby becomes comfortable with its new found friend, the true wonder of life starts to happen!  The soul connects with the babies spinal cord, thru the babies solar plexus (sometimes thru the crown for newer incarnating souls) and starts to learn how the babies electrical system is going to work for the incarnation process to go as needed.  The soul studies each neuron and impulse relay that is happening.  It learns how to best communicate thru this highly sophisticated system (the nervous system) within the baby.  It learns how to send messages up to the babies hard drive (mental body) so that the two will co-exist in harmony.


As the soul blends its magnificent energy with the life of the baby the body starts to react.  The heart rate increases, the body heats up, the body becomes highly aroused as the dance of life with Life swirls within the human make-up of the baby.  The body becomes enraptured  with the mixing of spiritual energy thru the nervous system, and the sacred dance of life begins and never forgets what is happening; however, the mind has yet to kick in.  The developing physical mind is not yet present (conscious) of the mixing of energies (spirit to body), it is still on its journey of developing.  The sacred dance of life begins with body and soul.  This sacred dance of life will continue thru out the entire physical life experience and this dance is known as the arousal sensation within the body, the sexual energy of life merging with Life!  This is the very point where the signature of Creation exists within all, where the energy of Creation meets with and blends with the energy of the Created, and the love song is echoed thru every pore of our physical Being!


But the mind was not in full form yet, it has no conscious memory of this union of love with Love.  The body and soul agreed to re-mind the mind of this joy, of this sacred dance of life as it comes into consciousness and awareness of itself, so that it may take part in the higher realms of existence that is taking place.  Babies are very aware of themselves as spiritual beings.  They coo and laugh and are free to experience themselves fully.


Thru time and fear and the misguided information of others, as the baby grows into childhood and into adulthood, the sacred dance of life becomes something dirty, shameful, not to be talked about or experienced except to make another baby.  The person looses their sense of Self.  Their true identity clothed behind fear, they loose their sense of direction and true purpose in life.  They no longer hear their soul prompting's due to the heaviness of fear that exists within them, and become dependant on others to help them understand their own life, their own direction, their own experiences.  The soul energy looses its lead in the incarnation experience.  Instead of singing its joyful and happy song, fear is replaced with the natural love vibrations that are life and chaos and confusion settles in.  As the majority of people incarnated loose their direction, so does life itself.  Chaos and fear run the planet, is destroying the planet and our physical bodies.  


We can change this.  We can reset the flow of energy on the entire planet by reclaiming who we really are, individually and collectively.  As we step back into our full power, fear cannot exist.  Control from others cannot exist.  Light always illuminates the darkness.