The Spiritual Journey Is Not a Part Time Job!

We all have our very own DNA blueprint within our make-up and no two are the same. However, we all do have one common theme in our physical lives and that is to re-member who we really are.  Our encoded blueprint goes off (so to speak) at various times in our lives, giving us the chance to start to awaken.

The one thing so few people talk about is that when the blueprint starts to go off, it means we the human have to start work!  We (the human family) go to work every single day, often times to jobs we do not love, but yet we do it.  Why - because there is a paycheck at the end of the week.  That's our motivation there, money, comfort, getting our bills paid, etc. 

The spiritual journey is the same.  It is very much like starting a new job, one you must attend daily for you to reap the benefits in full.  In the beginning, it is a highly frustrating job because here you are in your new line of work and going off all the old programming - a huge conflict of interest!  The moment you try and be stillinside, the mind is off on a rampage, telling you all kinds of stories so not relevant to breathing in light.  The mind will tell you about bills, dramas in your life, in others life, it will remind you of a chore list yet finished... anything it can to keep you from being still inside.  That is the nature (or what we have developed as the nature) of the mind.  

So the first thing you have to do, if you want to make the best of this new job, is retrain your mind to hush and settle down.  At first, this is a huge full time commitment.  To try and do this a couple hours a week is going to prove more frustrating than liberating.  Remember, your mind runs on habit mode.  As you start your new career of bringing in your spiritual Light and Energy into your body, you MUST create a new habit for the mind (which is letting you be in charge instead of it being in charge).  Doing this several hours a day will be much more productive than several hours a week.  Trust me, you will get to that spiritual paycheck faster by putting in the time and effort in the beginning.  And yes, there is a tremendous paycheck that comes with your new job.... way beyond money, but can include money - Happy money, I will talk more about that later!!

Before I go on, I want you to take a look at your life.  Right here, right now, look around and answer a few questions to yourself.  Are you in absolute health?  Are you in a state of joy 24/7?  Do you bounce out of bed in the morning excited about co-creating your day ahead?  Do you have this feeling of deep and utter love all around in you in every single moment of the day (not only for others, but especially for yourself)?  Are you absolutely worry free (knowing deep inside your heart that every need, every desire is already fulfilled)?  Do you find the 

moment your heart (not your mind, that's a crazy place, stay out of there) has a desire, it is already at your doorstep knocking to come in?

I promise you, as you really get into your new job, your own Spiritual Remembrance process, there will come a day that you will answer yes to every single question posed above.  And how about that very familiar question (I hear a lot) knowing what your passion in life is and allowing that passion be your paycheck?  Wouldn't that be some pretty happy money, when you wake up doing something you love to do and getting paid for it as well?

This is the way we are meant to live, to thrive.  When we are anything less than that, we are not living to our true potential.  The body is not designed to be sick at all.  The only time it will ever get sick, sore or whatever is when we are out of balance with our Life.  The moment we restore balance (spiritual harmony within) we are back to health.  The only way our bodies have to communicate to us is thru pain and pleasure.  When all the body can feel is pleasure, you know you are in balance with Life.  When you are in pain in anyway (minus any energetic DNA upgrades to the human system - more on that later) your body is saying, stop, you have strayed away from yourSelf, change something within.  

Here is something to think about, why do you think so many elder people have hip pain?  Perhaps they no longer have a sense of direction in their lives, no purposeful path to walk, so the body breaks down and says look, there is another direction to go in, one of use and service.  But we are not taught that are we.  So we just slow down until we ultimately stop.

How many mid-life (30-40 something's) people have knee problems (ummm let me answer that one - a lot!).  Most people by the time they get to mid-life (crummy term there, but one I know that is recognizable to age) they have become very inflexible with their life and their life choices.  The right knee is the flexibly of their emotional state of where their life is heading, the left side is the flexibility of moving to where their life needs them to go (not what the mind has concocted as where you should be going, again, stay out of the mind, it serves you not in making life choices).

The heart area should be a no brainer, emotional blockages.  The more you store away (don't deal with) the more congested your heart becomes, until you have blood pressure issues, heart conditions and so on.

I started this path with a slew of issues, which meant my body was in rough shape.  I stored all my dramas in my gallbladder until it dis-eased and was removed.  Then I moved over a bit to my stomach which was kind enough to develop raging ulcers along with GERD (gastric reflux).  Not to mention my SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) and(diagnosed) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and (Undiagnosed) Manic Depression, now called Bi-Polar Disorder (that alone should give you a clue that your inner poles are wayyyyy out of balance).  Should I mention my severe insomnia, lack of boundaries (I said yes to anything, anyone, for any reason, blah!) and raging anger?  Bless my children for surviving me!!

My story is your story.  None of us were taught to understand how the body communicates, what to do about it, and how to live in utter health without drugs, surgery or anything less than pleasant.  We just do what we do - until we get that spiritual knock on our souls door and our lives (usually) crash down around us (see the state of the world at the present moment) and it is a beautiful invitation to do something different.  To really start to see yourSelf and how you have created every single event in your life.  Yeah, sorry, no victim mode allowed!!  Every unpleasant person in our lives, we placed there to bring us to this moment of time - The Spiritual Journey.  God knows we had enough of the Human Journey to last lifetimes (smile - pun).

So now, you stand on the brink - take the new job, or keep working the old one.  Here is the beauty of it all.  Either way, no one, no higher entity cares one way or the other.  We are so utterly loved whether we choose to stay in drama, or become the most amazing beckon of light possible.  We will be guided and nudged all the way Home no matter how we choose to arrive there.  Spirit will never say, ahh she is a mess and so lost in the dark that we won't waste our time giving a candle of light and hope.... nope, they are ever there with their candle, sometimes (actually quite often) with that floodlight just incase you decide you really want to live life for all its worth.  With the incredible divinity you came in with.  

Are you ready to take absolute control of your life, of you?  Are you ready to start that new job -- ummm full time?  Do you want to have the feeling of joy, a vibration that is so intense, so invigoration that you simply want to be awake all the time to feel it - all the time.

Then all you have to do, is make an intentional statement within your heart - a true one - that says, yes I am ready.  Believe me, in that very instant, the universe is gathered around to bring you all you need to finally come Home in a Human Body!!  Just always remember, not everything is as it seems.  

The beauty and the pain of this path is we get pushed to the edge of what we thought were our limits, we then have the choice to jump off the edge or retreat back into the old ways of living.  Jump partner JUMP!!  It may be scary at first, but trust me, it is soooo worth it in the long run.  You discover pieces and parts of yourself you never could have imagine existed within you.

However, one day you seem to wake up completely changed.  You no longer resonate to who you were, how you acted and reacted.  Health is the only possibility now (I have not had so much as a cold in over 7 years, depression ceased to exist years ago along with my way out of balance inner-poles and when you fill up with your own Light, SAD cannot even be a potential for you do not need the external light to get you thru your days - you become the Light and even help others as you shine it.).  Joy exists at all levels of being, even during what you may once have thought of as "hard times", because now you know it is just the edge pushing you further into the incredible Being you have always been!  These are the times when you dance, not cry!

Let me mention (briefly) those Energetic DNA upgrades.  As we change right down to our cellular level (and yes that is exactly what you are doing as you awaken) our bodies react to that change.  It must physically get rid of the sludge we had kept until now.  Sometimes in the way of a cold, of diarrhea, of vomiting, of fevers or simply sleeping 'til the cows come home.  You will know you are going thru an upgrade phase because no one else around you will be sick, or will get sick (due to your being near them).  Allow the body to do what it needs, don't take any drugs to stop or lesson its release, just let it flow!! (smile)

So here you are, at the start of a new year, make it the start of a whole new way of life!  One that allows you to be a fully empowered Spiritual Being KNOWING you are really pretending to be Human!!  If you need a hand along the way, mine is always there for you - just reach out for it!!

With ohhh so much love and excitement to all of you - To all of us!



Lisa Gawlas (Human Name, actually at birth it was Lisa Parkhurst)

In Spirit I Am Shawanah (Soul name)