You are more magnificent, powerful,  and more connected to All Life than you realize. 

Shortly after I started this path of Spiritual Awareness, the Blessed Mother (I was Catholic) came to me and asked me to "Lay down all your beliefs, so you can be filled with the truth of Spirit", please believe me when I say "Laying down your beliefs" is the most empowering gift you can ever give yourself ~ Especially about your sexual Self ~ Your Soul Energy!

We keep seeking new ways to understand our Selves, but since man/woman was born... the vibration ~ the key has always been inside of us.  The very thing that keeps us from knowing our Selves is our present fear of our sexual selves. Our forefathers knew how powerful our sexual energy was; which is why they created false beliefs and stories surrounding the sexual energy - control us thru fear of our very power ~ our spiritual / sexual energy ~  they would bring us to our knees, and did!  It's time to take back your power and release your fear ~ Your life will instantly change and be back in your control!

Through time, misinformation, fear, and false beliefs we have come to view our physical body and the sensations that occur within it as something dirty, shameful and not to talk about; leading the majority of the human race into disease, dysfunction, mental illness, and war Etc.  It truly is the most magnificent, creative power we have within ourselves!!

What if... there was something already inside of us that could heal depression, physical illness, the world around us, would you be willing to look there?  Our medical or mental profession do not address this aspect of us—THE SOUL AGENDA and what it is trying to bring to your attention and awareness.  

There is power in our sexual energy that most people take for granted because they do not understand the "whole" of it all.  The manifestation energy of the orgasm is intense and powerful!

What if... Our sexual energy was our closest connection to our Creator—THE very connection of creation?  

What if... The energetic exchange merged three energies as one (physical you, spiritual you, & Creator)? 

What if... The creation of the soul was done through the orgasmic flow of our Creator, in a pure and loving state so that when we shared ourselves in this manner, in the physical world of Being,

Do you ever wonder why a child awakens into puberty (sexual awareness) BEFORE they awaken to falling in love with another (family and friend love does not count, I am talking about that deep emotional "in-love" feeling.  Why do you think that is?  Perhaps before we could ever truly love another, FULLY love another, we must first love ourselves?  Exploring who we are, what we are made of thru the incredible vibration of sexual energy.  What if it is that very exploration of Self that ignites our true power within life?  Absolute health and joy would be the only result... that is true power.  That is true divinity!!

Even many of the "New Age" and old Eastern mythologies do not look directly into the eye of our sexual sensations within our body.  When I first started to become aroused in meditation I was so ashamed of myself, feeling I have disgraced the most holy place within me.  Then my precious friend told me about Kundalini and I felt a bit more relieved that I wasn't completely perverted, but even thru all of the information I read about Kundalini I thought it was something else... a different energy that just happened to cause me to feel incredibly aroused.  Let me assure you, Kundalini and your state of arousal are one and the same energy.  It is sooo easy to get confused along the way!

Then I read about and talked with people who had premature Kundalini awakening becoming seriously injured (physically) in the process.  For the last 6 years this baffled me as to how this can happen... until now.

Most folks who teach Kundalini awakening first of all, have no clue what energy they are working with, then do it as something other than what it is, and forcing the movement up thru your spine.  Kundalini is defined as the vital life-sustaining energy of the body - hello, can we say then that it is the soul energy?   I will!  And you want to pull this up thru you without understanding what it is, how it will affect you and what you can do with it (both positively and negatively).  This is your power, it contains all your godly qualities and abilities, and yet, we want to control it as well instead of get to know it, understand it, feel it in every center of our bodies.

We humans love to re-invent the wheel and call it something other than a wheel... and then forget the wheel exists!

Enlightenment, being a fully awakened spiritual human being is a birthright to everyone incarnated.  The process of getting there (being enlightened) does not have to be long and difficult at all.  Even my path was more difficult because I resisted the direction of spirit (within my meditations) and trying to force what others said was true... until I just gave in and went with my own flow.