Understanding and Releasing FEAR

Fear is the only vibration that destroys.  Fear is also the things written about and accepted as real thru history... Evil Spirits - Satan - Lucifer, it is all the same energy... fear, and it all exists within the physical mind - ego.  It is not an external spirit, an external energy, it comes from deep within the mind of separation.

Disease is not caused by germs, toxins, viruses, or any other physical agent.  All of these things are ever-present; thousands of them pass through every healthy human body every day.  These agents are only destructive when they do not PASS THROUGH the human body but are instead retained by the human body. 

There is only ONE REASON why germs or toxins are retained in the human system: because present in that human system FEAR lives.  To the degree that FEAR is entertained and made welcome in an individual's life, his or her body will disease.  This is a regulatory mechanism, designed to deprive the destructive energy of FEAR as being part of the physical body.

FEAR is: negative attitudes, destructive emotions rooted in fear (False Evidence Appearing Real).  Some of the more common energies of fear are RESENTMENT, ANGER, SHAME, GUILT, ANXIETY, HATRED, GREED, REVENGE, JEALOUSY.  All thinly disguised forms of fear, their presence in a human system gives harmful physical agents something to attach themselves to.

Conflict cannot exist where Truth is in expression; it occurs only in the presence of dishonesty.  Where truth is denied, self-distruct mechanisms go into effect.  People get sick because they are sick of themselves; they die because they do not forgive.

As we walk closer to the year 2011 those who are at peace within themselves will find their lives increasingly aligned with the strengthening field of God/Love.  Those who fear will come under increasing pressure to confront their dishonesty and change.  The fearful will not have an easy time in these days; for they will be withdrawing from the spirit of God/Love, thereby forcing themselves into crisis situations designed to stimulate a change of heart.

God's consciousness is available to all, but the time God waits for it to be received must eventually pass.  We have currently crossed the threshold of time, of vibration where you will either step up and join the higher vibrations, or you will fall.  The energetic's of the world are polarizing... in a sense, splitting themselves in two... and soon, very soon, the time to choose will close.  

FEAR is destructive and non-productive.  Some have lived their lives only thru fear and false beliefs, I am here to help you in anyway I can... to make a better, higher choice for your experience on this earth.  

The Spirit of Truth will comfort those who live by love, to challenge those who do not.  The Great Sword of Division has come to separate those who destroy from those who create.  

What are you choosing??  It is easy to tell really... When you choose love you have only perfect health, consistent income, joyfulness in all you do and say, and love is the only thing you can feel in every-thing.  Anything less is a fear waiting to be released!

No Evil Exists

First lets me clear on what we are talking about with the word Evil.  Most people today see evil as this horrible monster sort of thing lurking in the realms of the unseen and seep into the realities of your existence waiting to possess and torment your every moment.  This is simply not true.  The word evil, the meanings given to it by many religions is simply a fear mechanism designed to create followers.  If you fear something so much, you are willing to put aside what you feel is true inside, and start to believe and trust outside of yourSelf.  

Evil does not and cannot exist.  The is only one energy and that energy is Love.  All things are birthed from Love.  Love, in its purest form cannot and is not Evil.  

That is not to say things that do not honor love exist.  These things, these thought forms that do not honor love are what many people call dark energies which has over time been translated into the word evil.  

Everything in the physical world has a direct opposite of itself.  You could never truly experience joy if you did not know sadness.  You could not experience love if you did not know hate.  You are living in a physical world, in a physical body to experience what you Really Are... Love.  How could you recognize love if you did not know fear and all that stems from fear?

With that said, there are Light (wisdom/love) energies and there are Dark (no wisdom/fear) energies.  You must have both to experience your True Self in the Physical plane of existence.  Just like a positive magnet must have a negative magnet as its counter part.  This is Creation.

Darkness exists when love is not present.  Pure love and not the human concept of love.  Darkness exists where fear exists.  The more a person or collective fears, the darker the energy of that person, collective.  Fear can and has created what we can call acts of Evil (doing something that does not honor the Love that another Is).  When you steal from someone, it is your fear that has created the act of stealing.  You are afraid of not having something, of not being able to get it by your own means (love), so you take what someone else has as your own, without their permission.  

All darkness is is a lack of wisdom (truth of who you really are).  As you start to re-member who you are, darkness fades from being.  Where light is present (Pure love, who you really are) it is impossible for darkness to be in the same space.  

The human experience is made up of many particle osculating (vibrating) at various rates of speeds at once.  The higher your vibration (the more you re-member the love that you are) the clearer your thoughts, the more sure of your life, and the existence of fear fades.  

Release Fear

Moving out of fear and into love will change the entire world.  Yes just starting with you.  You have that much power!

There are only two emotions that exist on earth.  Love and Fear.  If you are in fear, you are not in love.  The opposite is true as well, if you are in Love you are not in fear.  You can look at each feeling as the polar opposite of each other.  One cannot exist (occupy the same space) when you are present in the other.  

Most fears (save your basic instinctual fears) come from feeling unloved.  There is little or no Self love that you can feel within you.

Fear is becoming quite the dilemma on earth.  There is more fear being spread than love.  More fear being felt than love.  This must change.  It has to change.  It can only change with you.

Do you realize the magnificence of who you are.  What you are?  If you knew truly who you Are you would never have a fear again.  There is no-thing to fear when you are standing in the Love that you are.  When you can feel the energy known to many as God pulsing thru your veins instead of out there somewhere separate from you, your whole world will change, your life will change, YOU will change.  Oh yes, if you remembered who you were, you would never feel fear again.    

Look at it this way, anything you are feeling, anything that is negative, you are in fear.  Two polar opposites exist in creation. Negative which is fear driven and positive which is love driven.  And you must have both to exist in this wonderful thing we call Physical Life.  However, thru time it has become severely out of balance in almost every faction of life.

Fear was meant to keep you safe thru your journey of life.  To be that little signal within to remove you from potential danger.  It was never meant to be the driving force of your life, but yet, that is what is has become.  

When you are living from the place of fear, and not the place of love, everything in your world will reflect that heaviness.  Your body can only take so much of that weight before it starts to give out under the pressure.  It will start to wilt and droop and break down.  Your mind is the same way. Depression is so easily cured without drugs, it is simply changing the frequency you are bringing into your mind, your body, your very soul.