Unified Love

Unified Love

1. Conditional Love vs Unified Love

From the moment we came into this amazing world, we are taught to love conditionally and judge everything.  


2. Turning towards Unconditional, Non Judgemental Love

This had to be the single most difficult thing I went thru.  Even when we think we are being unconditional, it is amazing how conditional we are being.  Nothing will keep you out of your place of power than these two interwoven aspects.  We will go into detail on how to recognize and change for the long haul.


3. With Love comes great responsibility.

Unified love can also be called One Love.  All is YOU.  We are on a planet of 7.6 billion people all searching for themSelfs.  We cannot just sit in our house, glowing in our lovelight.  We have a responsibility to help.