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The Shift of the Ages... Celebrating and Focusing on Change!

Can you feel the shift into massive change within yourself?

“I Am a Spiritual Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Energy Massage Therapist and Psychic / Spiritual Reader and am madly in love with life and most especially, madly in love with YOU!!” — LISA GAWLAS


Includes all access pass to 12 strand advanced classes!  

Every new and renewing member in September will be shipped 5 Scotland drenched crystals.  I brought the newly mined crystals to Scotland and they hung out in the sun, the rains, the moon and the joy and are now highly charged and ready for their humans.  I will need your physical mailing address once you sign up as a full member, or your membership renews.  Email it to:  lisa@nationoflights.com

Online Bookings

One month free Paid Membership with any reading purchased through the month of Aug!

retreat services

Nation of Lights - In Person Services

The Nation of Lights Retreat Center is located near the San Marcos River in Peaceful Fentress Texas.  Whether you want to visit for a few hours to experience a Hands of Light and Sound Massage Session, A personal hypnosis session or want to spend the night or several, we have something to cater to your needs and desires for spiritual growth and relaxation!

Information Portal

To view the Information Portal you need to have a Free or Paid Membership. This information will help you to understand your physical makeup, your internal energy system, how you work and why and much more!



Recent Shift Blog Articles

A blog to take you deeper into understanding what is happening on earth,
and how to move thru it with ease and grace!


Lisa's Student & Client Testimonials

Just a few kind & lovely letters I've received RECENTLY.