Well Being

Well Being

1. What is the body?  

Our physical bodies, when viewed under a high powered microscope, are not solid at all.  The body is a series of vibrations.  When we are in total health, there is a harmony taking place from head to tippy toe.  Our energy fields are vibrating perfectly and in co-operation with each level within us.  When we start to get out of harmony within ourselves, that energy becomes disrupted.  The rate of speed slows down even more.  The longer we ignore the vibrational change (and our medical fields don't even look at this aspect, so it has to go ignored until you find someone who understands this part of life) that is when illness and disease sets in.  


2. How the body communicates.

The body is always talking to us, every day, every moment of our lives.  In the midst of the blood, bones, muscles and physical make-up that we can see in the body are what I will refer to as energy streams.  These energy streams are in addition to that vibration I just talked about.  These energy streams are always communicating to you.  We will go over the chakras, what they do, how they regulate the energies in that area and how to increase their vibratory capacity.


3. Well Being vs Unwell Being.

Depression, illness, disease is all part of the body screaming at us to do something different.  To understand why we are out of sync with ourSelves, what we need to do to restore body harmony, to its full vibration.  But who listens and how do we listen.  Altho the symptoms can be similar from person to person, the communication and the cause of the symptoms may be radically different.  Learning your own body communication is more important than buying a book on someone else's communication.


4. Dysfunction vs Ascension Symptoms.

When the various energies really amp up in our body's, and we are not fully in alignment with the communication within, it can become confusing.  Illness and disease need to be addressed, reversed but not ascension symptoms, which often times, mimic the various illnesses out there.  The body changes with increased vibration going thru the cells, often creating extra mucus (chest or head colds) asthma like symptoms as we assimilate the breathe of new energy in our lungs.  Knowing the difference is key, dare I even say, vital!!  We will discuss this in depth.


5. The magnetic field of the brain and heart.

We all have two, interlinked magnetic engines running our life.  The mind and the heart.  It is crucial they are running in sync with each other.  Most people run one or the other.  Which can produce unwanted experiences in the physical body as well as our physical life. 


6. What comes out of your mouth is more important than what you put in!

Well being is maintained by your expression in life, not what you eat, drink or smoke.  I think it is easier for us to change our diet than change our emotional output and therefore we have created all kinds of things to eat or not eat declaring its spiritual importance.  I eat what I want, smoke all day long, drink alcohol occasionally and not once did my team ever say stop that.  Let me spew a judgement out my mouth and I still, to this day, hear my team in my ear saying... Lisa!! We will dive deep into this misunderstood arena.


7. Healing from an outside source is a short term solution for what may be a long term problem.

If you truly have disease or (long term) illness and you go to an energy worker or spiritual healer and do not leave with inner (meditation) homework and a full understand of why you are in dysfunction in the first place, the energy will work very much like a tylenol, great for the short term, but wears off as the original disfunction settles back to where it was.  We will go into depth about this full subject and how to work in tandem with any healer yourself.  Or better yet, become your own magnificent healer.


8.  The Ebb and Flow of your core energy.

Many people focus in on just the chakra/energy centers without giving thought to the whole flow of energy running thru your core.  The core runs from the pelvis thru the crown and energy stream that transmits the individuated energy from the chakras.  It draws up from the ground/earth and flows down from the crown.  Two very different energies working as one.  If the root or the crown is blocked, then only one system is doing all the work.  


9.  What fear does to the body.

When people hear the word fear, the first thing they think of is phobias, like afraid of the dark, afraid of spiders.  Those are the big, obvious fears.  How often are you afraid of being late for (fill in the blank) or afraid another does not like you or understand you.  These less obvious fears are having an impact on your day to day life.  The more carry them, the more they coagulate together.  I want to dive deep into the full spectrum of fear (which equally includes judgement of self or others) and how to start reversing it for your long term well being.


10. The effects of love on the body.

Love can be as confusing an energy as fear.  Inward, unconditional love of the Self, of ourselves is where the truest, long term healing, wellbeing resides.  Without this crucial ingredient, you can find remission, but not life long healing.  We will go into depth on how to fully love every ounce of ourselves, inside and out.


11. Language.

This is right up there with the importance of love.  The language we speak, think and push away.  Something as innocent as saying "this weighs heavy on my heart," tho a common expression when we are pondering something, gives instruction to the creative field, to put pressure on your heart.  We will dive deep into our language as fully as possible.


12. The company you keep.

We may not look at the others in our immediate world as having a positive or negative affect on our well being, but they do.  I divorced my own child when I was going thru my cancer journey, because I know the effects negative energy can have on a body restoring itself.  We tend to feel obligated to deal with family, which also puts undue pressure on our energy field.  We will go into detail on boundaries, demands (yes, we do get to be demanding) and wisely choosing the ones who will be in your field of life.


13. Not even god him/her Self can activate any part of your energy body.  Self Responsibility.

In the 7 years I have spent doing hands on healing via massage, I have had many people cross my table, so blocked, so sick and yet, confused because they have gone to various spiritual people to have "activations," all kinds of activations.  Save your money and save your well being.  Only YOU can activate the next level of your Beingness.