What is Shambala and where is it really?

(Are You Ready to Participate... or do you just wanna read about it??)

First, lets get to the meaning of the word.  Shambhala is a sanskrit word (the same language we get chakra and kundalini from) that means "place of peace/ tranquility/happiness."  In Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambhala (or Shambala) is (thought to be) a mystical kingdom hidden somewhere beyond the snow peaks of the Himalayas.  Perhaps, once a upon a time gone by, the people who once lived there knew how to access this sacred energy and brought to earth in that place.  But as the people died off, the energy went back to whence it came... that is the ethers of potential.


A Little of my own history with energy (all of life is energy), to help you understand how I have come to know what I am about to share with you.

My entire focus of these last 11 years has been understanding energy.  How it works, why it works, and how it can work better.  There is nothing in life that is not energy.  Even the air we breath is energy.  

As I started to understand one concept of energy, another concept was revealed to me thru spirit.  I first started understanding energy within the human, then the various energy fields available to all of us and how we (the human) can access the higher (faster) fields of energy or vibration.

Eventually I started to understand about the energy of fear, then the collective consciousness, as well as the energy known as ascension.  As I was actually able to integrate the massive amount of information even more was revealed to me.  Understanding the unified field of energy, also known as Christ consciousness energy.  About 2 years ago, spirit started talking about an energy that was even higher than the Christ consciousness energy, or the unified energy, that super fast vibrating energy is known as Shambhala.

I am not going to make this page about the various energies (I will put a page together souly for that, give me a day to get it done and I will link to here from here.) This page is dedicated to understanding the energy field known as Shambhala and how to bring it to earth.  I am also going to have a page done by today explaining what ascension energy really is.  Yeah, it is so big, or perhaps better said, important, it needs a page of its own (smile.)

So from here I am going to first talk about the unified consciousness AKA Christ consciousness.  This is a field of energy, available to every human being, that vibrates at the highest level of love.  Fear cannot exist in this field of energy.  Therefore, if you have any unresolved fears, you cannot live within this energetic field until you resolve and remove your fear energy.

The Unified field does not separate itself from anyone or anything.  That means in order for you to live and breath this energy, to BE this very energy you cannot see or feel yourself as separate from anyone or anything. There is only pure (unconditional) love energy exists.  This is where true masters reside.

For the longest time, I figured, who needs more than that?   There can't be more than that.  But yet, there seemed to be something missing from the field of energy (at least from my growing perspective).  Altho living within yourself, within the amazing field of energy is fantabulous, I started to realize there must be something more.  And the downloads started.....  


The Energy of Shambhala

Did you ever wonder why, in over 2000 years, not one person has been able to replicate all the miracles Jesus was said to perform?  Why do you think that is?  Jesus even stated several time, "what I can do, you can do also, and then some."  So why can't we??  Perhaps he had access to something we have yet to discover... because history made it's access, dirty, forbidden, ungodly.

My greatest teacher on this path has been Jesus, of course, I know him as Sananda.  He came to me in early 2001 and has been by my side ever since.  The majority I know about energy work and the human body, he has taught me.  the majority of my understandings come from him and his posse.  

Shambhala is the very energy of God realization.  The very field of existence where heaven and earth are one.  Shambhala is the highest field of energy available to all humans who has done their inner work and raised their vibration to the point of accessing it and living within it.  

This sacred energy is so special, so incredibly potent in its expression that it literally takes two people to unlock the energy and bring it here to earth.  This energy is the true God potential in all of us.  The very energy that effortlessly turned loaves into fish, water into wine and created instant healing with a simple touch of the hand.

What is God realization?  Love.  Pure, untainted, unbiased love.  That means you vibrate at the pure frequency of love and all that surround you can feel it, this happens the moment you vibrate in harmony with the Unified/Chris Consciousness.  They may not know they are feeling your God realization, but they know they want to be around you because it automatically helps them feel good.  For those immersed in the fear or collective consciousness energy, these folks tend to stay away from you.  They don't want you exposing their love back to them.  Which is ok, there are plenty of people seeking to feel loved.

In order to access the Shambhala energy, you must be a permanent resident in the Unified Energy.  Your DNA must resound with the full on Love Frequency and in order to be in that state, you must also reside fully in a state of trust within yourself.  Your DNA must resound with the full on Love Frequency and in order to be in that state, you must also reside fully in a state of trust within yourself.  Your Kundalini energy must be fully integrated into every cell of your being (not just shot up your spine once or twice - that's simply a "wake up" call, a very nice one at that.)  If you have yet to reach this place within you, that does not mean you cannot participate in the joy of being within that energy field, but its full availability will only present itself to you, when you are in full vibrational harmony with it.


Let me explain.

Shambhala is literally Heaven's Energy.  Think about that for a moment, that is a powerful, instantly manifesting energy.  Knowing (by spirit) that the ego runs rampant here on earth, access to this energy has to be highly guarded and very very strict laws enacted.  Gods laws can never be broken nor manipulated, yay!  This energy is meant to fuel a community, not to serve two people, but two people are needed to bring that energy here to earth.  The full details on how it all works is in my (soon to be released as soon as I find a publisher) book: The Lost Codes of Shambhala (click here to read the first three chapters).

The energy is so guarded that it takes two people, one male, one female, both vibrating fully at the love frequency to unlock its potential and bring it into the earth plane.  The vault the energy is carried within, is the woman, the key is the man.  In order to access and utilize the energy of Shambhala two very specific counterparts (magnetically encoded within their DNA) must come together in the form of sacred sex.  

Ahhhh... now imagine that!!  Sex itself will bring the God Force, Heaven in all its glory to earth.  No wonder why the religious leaders put their own lock and key (guilt, shame, and so on) in the area of sex.  

One of the reasons monks can't find Shambhala, they are celibate and it is not a place on earth, but can be brought thru a sacred exchange of intimacy to a place on earth... anywhere on earth, but even that space of earth must be prepared vibrationally... for the higher good of the community in which it is released.  

This energy is very much like what the wonderful and insightful author of "The Celestine Prophecy" glimpsed.  

There are only a handful of magnetic counterparts incarnated on earth right now (as this generation being born now ages, there will be lots), but you don't have to have a counterpart in order to utilize the energy, only to release into creation here on earth.  The adult counterparts who are incarnated now have done this before, and it is now for them to come together so all of earth can adjust to truly living Heaven on earth.

Back in the day of Jesus, he HAD to have a magnetic counterpart in order to do all he did, he was living and sharing his life via the energies of Shambhala.  Why do you think the story made him celibate?  Do religions or governments really want us to be fully empowered?  

This is the energy that will be present within "My Vision" of the soul refuge!

To be continued in "The Lost Codes of Shambhala" written by Lisa Gawlas (publishers, agents, I would so love to hear from you!! lisagawlas@mysoulcenter.com)


Life is amazingly exciting!!

((((HUGZ))))) all around,