Your Soul Center

Your Soul Center

1. What is and where does the soul reside?

Many people assume the soul resides in the body, well that is only partly true.  Your soul is a massive energy system and the body way too small to contain it all.  It is also around your body too.


2.  Increasing your territory.

This is an often misunderstood phrase that (I believe) stems from the bible.)  It really is asking to increase the size and power of your soul energy in your physicality.  We will talk in depth on how to do that and what it means to you.


3.  Your personal rocketship!

We assume just because we have a soul (and we all do) that it does everything for us that is needed in life.  Hell no!!  Not only is consciousness key, but partnership is as well.  We can look at your core energy within the body as the inside of your personal rocketship.  There are buttons and levers and all kind of exciting things to get to know and use.  The soul energy partners with the body energy and revs up via the mind's connection to the heart!